Viagra’s Effect on Your Skin Condition and Organs

Viagra is a truly lifesaving blue pill for some men who are desperate to boost their erection. If treatment of erectile dysfunction takes some time, one Viagra intake, and you can boast prolific results during the sexual intercourse. However, all is not gold that glitters, and this medication like it happens with any other drug can bring some negative outcomes. Alongside side effects, the effect can concern your organs and skin condition. Check what you may result in having after the Viagra application.

What Your Skin Condition Says

Viagra is Sildenafil Citrate, an active ingredient, and basically the power of this medication. If looking at the official Label from the FDA, it has the potential to cause the next drawbacks:

headache, dizziness, nausea. It is the most common ones, but scrolling down to the officially-confirmed clinical trials, one can find its use has been linked to a rash, hives, itching, lesions, paleness, ulcers, and even swelling. It is worth saying that such effects come from misuse. Otherwise, when a man does not consult a doctor and start self-treatment.

As per one study, Sildenafil Citrate has been also reported with a Fixed Drug eruption. A 38-year old man who was administered with Sildenafil acquired red patches every time he used this agent. Skin red patches can appear in different body parts, and bring discomfort when they are visible to other people. For example, this skin condition can show its best in chest, arms, pubic area, knee. The scientists who conducted that study also suggested that every patient, especially health one, to be examined thoroughly before prescribing Viagra. This medication should be used exclusively in situations when one has a confirmed diagnosis of ED or other potency issues. If the medication is taken by healthy men who would like to maximize their experience during sexual intercourse, it may result in such outcomes.

Another case concerns the potentiality to assist herpes simplex encephalitis treatment. This health condition is most likely to end up fatal. And, men who take Viagra prescribed by the doctor for its treatment may accelerate the permeability of chemotherapeutic agents to the brain. So, Viagra is also linked to positive changes in one’s skin, as it may assist the treatment of herpes simplex encephalitis which won’t be tragical at the end.

Finally, the largest potential impact of Viagra has been reported in recent years, and it concerns skin cancer. Harvard scientists performed a few clinical trials in men with ED. Those groups who took Sildenafil Citrate have been linked to 84% possibility of acquiring melanoma. However, it is worth specifying. It does not mean Viagra will tomorrow cause melanoma but only it has a higher predisposition in men who are treated with it. General statistics inform that 128 out of 29K men who have never taken this medication, developed the skin cancer. While in 1,618 surveyed men who took Viagra, only 14 have been diagnosed with it. So, men can continue to be prescribed with Sildenafil Citrate for ED issues but caution is required to achieve a therapeutic effect and avoid negative outcomes.

What About Your Organs?

Of course, the first obvious effect of the blue pill is on the penis. Men who take it expect a steady and almost natural erection. The Sildenafil Citrate works by promoting blood flow to the penis which results in an erection, so a man can proceed with qualitative sexual intercourse. If it does not happen, it is a concern one should address with his health care provider. It does not mean Viagra is not working for their particular case but maybe the dosage is not adjusted or a man misuses it.

Then, it has a direct effect on the digestive system, accordingly on the stomach. Among common side effects, Viagra can lead to upset stomach or indigestion. Most probably, a patient is contraindicated for the use of this medication. Or, he took it as not directed. As per a manufacturer, a tablet should be taken with or without food, and only on-demand. So, mixing the intake regimen may deteriorate one’s condition. For example, it is not recommended to interact Viagra with grapefruit juice, as it changes the way this medication works for one particular case. It can also increase the acids in the stomach which results in pain or even ulcers. Otherwise, one can experience nausea or vomiting.

Organs and Nitrates. Patients often forget to read about the contraindications of nitrate interaction. Commonly, men will be informed about the risk of interactions with nitrates with a doctor. But, pharmacies that dispense this medication should also inform everyone about it. First off, it is strictly prohibited as it leads to an increase in blood pressure which can end up fatal. This event directly may cause kidney failure. Even though people with liver or kidney problems are most likely to be prescribed with Viagra, as the recent studies reported its relative safety if monitored by a doctor, they should still seek a safer alternative. For example, through Finos Canadian Pharmacy, a man can access the safer alternatives in the form men’s health supplements, they are believed to boost men’s power similarly to Viagra, and be relatively safer in terms of nitrate interactions. Still, they also have potential interactions one should discuss with the doctor.

Benefits of Viagra for Skin and Organs

Are there any advantages of Sildenafil Citrate except for erection? You may end up saying. There is always interminable controversy about it, however, it is a well-known fact that Viagra can help for pulmonary hypertension as well as pre-eclampsia in pregnant women (Yes, it is contraindicated for use in women but a doctor may choose it to treat this health condition).

There is a lack of information about positive changes in one’s skin or organs, however, some scientists suggest its use for wound healing. In one study, Sildenafil Citrate in the form of topical cream was administered to rats. The results have demonstrated that it decreased the defected areas. But, there is no suggestion to prescribe it for wound healing in humans, as it is necessary to proceed with more clinical trials.

Other studies have been concentrated on treating heart failures, kidney, and liver problems. But, Viagra is still not approved for those health conditions. Thus, it should be prescribed for its first role, improving sexual intercourses by developing a steady erection. If you believe it improved other ailments you have been exposed to for long, address this concern with your doctor. It may not be necessarily affected by Viagra but your body’s response to a potential threat.