Virotherapy Treatment Experience of Nadine King

First, a little bit about cancer and oncolytic virotherapy. There are three generally recognized

methods of cancer treatment: surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Oncolytic virotherapy is becoming a significant fourth cancer treatment. It uses a virus that destroys cancer cells. The oncolytic viruses used have the ability to destroy cancer cells. Since an oncolytic virus can selectively destroy malignant cells, it does not harm healthy cells in the human body. In addition, oncolytic virotherapy activates the immune system and can, in certain

circumstances, successfully treat tumours that are insensitive to radiotherapy and chemotherapy, such as melanoma. Oncolytic virotherapy can be used before and after surgery.

Virotherapy has few side-effects. The most common side-effect is a slight fever (ca. 37.5 °C) over the course of a few days. The fact that virotherapy is ambulatory makes it comfortable to use, since administration of the virus is intramuscular and can be done by a nurse at home.

My name is Nadine and im a single mother to two beautiful girls, Poppy 12 and Daisy 8, we live in Surrey. I was diagnosed with stage four malignant melanoma more than eight years ago. In that time I have had both sets of auxiliary lymph glands removed, spleenectomy, groin lymph clearance, two colon resections and a sepsis. I have had chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immune therapy. I’ve been on various trials for cancer vaccines and so on. Chemotherapy is not used as a main line of treatment for Melanoma, although a mild chemo in combination with immune therapy can be effective. Immune therapies which are available to the NHS patient, do not work for everyone, unfortunately i was not one of the lucky ones. Radiotherapy has helped me deal with a lung tumor, but its not something I can do each time a lump or bump presents itself.

Although these treatments and operations have kept me alive, I have always been interested in alternative treatments and protocols. I had always worried about side effects of conventional treatments. I find the NHS approach to treating a patient so strange. They are happy to cut bits off you, zap your lumps and bumps and fill you up with toxic treatments but there never any question about why we got Cancer in the first place. Theres no question about your stress levels, life style, suppressed emotions, life trauma or diet.

A tumor is the very end result of an underlying problem. We are not just a physical body. I have learned along the way that there really is a mind, body and spirit connection. Something never ever spoken about at the hospital. The more I learn and read about this connection and being open to universal energy the more positive events and people come my way.

About two years ago, a good friend of mine in Canada had sent me the documentary series ” The truth about cancer.” I watched all 9 episodes in 2 days. It gave me goosebumps. It filled my heart with hope, that so many people were having great results on treatments and protocols that were not harmful or toxic. What an eye opener.

It was here that i saw the VIROTHERAPY clinic in Latvia. These guys use a human virus to treat their melanoma patients. I was so excited to watch the story of a Lady who had gone to the clinic after being told to go home and get her affairs in order. She was doing really well after starting the virotherapy and her story touched my heart.

Shortly after watching the program I took a friend with me for a consultation at the clinic. I fell in love with Latvia, the clinic and the holistic approach to dealing with the illness. The Clinic is located at Jurmala Beach and is not far from the beach. It was summer and we had great weather. I love the pine forests too. Fresh Air, clean food and amazing people.

After my consultation with the doctor, I decided that this was something I really wanted to try. It made so much sense to me. The virotherapy treatment with Rigvir itself only works on a cancer cell, it doesn’t harm any other cells and it is not toxic. There arent any side effects apart from a raised temperature.

So it was time to go home and organise when i could go back for the initial week long stay and find the money to pay for it.

Unfortunately, I was rushed into hospital to have a couple of serious surgeries, which set me back a while. But my mind was made up and I knew I had to get well enough to go.

Finally I felt well enough to travel and my dad and I headed to Jurmala beach. We were collected by the Clinics driver and whisked off to the clinic. It was now winter and snowing. I absolutely fell in love with Latvia in the snow. So peaceful and clean and beautiful.

On arrival to the clinic I was shown to my room, which was as lovely as any nice hotel. Soft back ground music play in the background and the whole place had a warm and welcoming feel. I was excited to begin my week long personalised program.

So, monday we began our program. I had appointments with a physiotherapist, pshycotherapist, nutritionist, art therapist, accupuncturist, immunologist, oncologist and ultra sound technition. A blood test was sent away and once the results were sent back we were good to go with the first of three Rigvir injections.

The injection was given into the muscle but also around the lumps that I had that were visible to the eye and could be felt through the skin. I lay down for half an hour ater the injection as recommended. I had no temperature or anything, so excitedly popped my thermals on for a walk on the snowy beach with my dad. So beautiful.

The doctors and staff at the Virotherapy clinic are very helpful and knowlegdable. Not only do they have knowledge about the Virotherapy and conventional treatments, but were open to talk about other protocols that may help. We discussed the Gerson therapy and the use of Coffee enema for instance, to help detoxify the body.

The food at The Virotherapy Clinic is out of this world and there is so much of it. I asked why I needed so much food and was told that i need extra good food to help the healing process. Makes sense! The food is clean, seasonal and locally sourced. It is beautifully presented and we even had an amazing healthy desert with lunch. I couldnt stop taking pics of these beautiful plates of food. haha..

At each meal we were given a fresh juice, a different colour with each meal. I could also go and ask for a juice when i wanted one. All served to you by the most lovely lady who looks after the dining room.

I left the Virotherapy clinic feeling so amazing and positive. The clinic send you home with a comprehensive information sheet and recommendations moving forward. Thats from each member of the team that you have seen during the week.

I was recommended the max dose of Rigvir injections for my return to the uk. The clinic ensure  the vials of medicine are waiting for you and the driver takes you and the box of Rigvir to the airport. He escorts you to check in, wraps and checks in the medicine with all relevant paper work to take back to the uk.

When you arrive home with the vials, you pop then in the freezer, so easy. I inject around any lumps that pop up as well as intra muscularly. The clinic gives you a diagram etc about injection sites. But, its up to us, the patient, to decide if and where we may need to inject around superficial bumps. Its great to be in control of the treatment.

I left the clinic with a renewed sense of hope for the future. Ive come to the end of the nhs treatments now as ive exhausted all my options. I asked for help with the funding for Rigvir Virotherapy treatment from the NHS but sadly was refused, even though there are no options left for me unless I offer myself as a guinea pig for new treatments which is quite a scary prospect.

So, I have started fundraising myself and let me tell you, its such fun and so amazing to see the love and kindness of others. I look at it as my new job. My job description is ” keeping Nadine alive” and the virotherapy is really helping with that. Along side other alternative treatments that I do daily. Check out my website

Although the Nhs have told me on more than one occasion there is no hope for me, I refuse to listen to that. This is my life and I will fight on. Never ever loose hope. Hope increases the immune system, FACT!.

Photo by AJC1