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Want to Impress Visiting Foreign Dignitaries in DC? Focus on Food!

While most big cities in the United States see more than their fair share of foreign travelers, Washington DC is the hot spot for visiting dignitaries from around the world. No matter how much fanfare you try to impress them with, the surest way to win their respect is through the way in which you honor them at the table. Meals have traditionally been a place to leave the cares of the world behind and when meeting with foreign dignitaries, this could be the ice-breaker you’ve been looking for.

Why Lunch Is So Important

Sometimes, morning talks can become extremely heated if there is ongoing friction between nations. It’s understandable, but difficult to mediate. Although you may take short breaks in a morning session, there isn’t enough time to actually socialize. A few quick words of greeting and it’s back to the talks. The best way to bring things down a few notches is to focus on truly great foods served in warm and inviting surroundings.

Find a service for lunch catering in DC that has the capability to offer a wide range of organic foods from vegan to paleo and choose a dignified, peaceful venue. To truly impress foreign dignitaries at mealtime, do a bit of research. What foods would they eat at home when out to lunch or dinner? Then offer a sampling of dishes from each culture. It’s amazing just how quickly people can forge a bond by sharing dishes native to their homes. Believe it or not, this custom goes back as far as anyone can remember. It’s even noted in biblical passages in the ‘breaking of the bread.’

Going Back to Round Two

You will often find that afternoon sessions may be more relaxed after a truly good luncheon. Not only have their appetites been satisfied but they will have had time to chat over their meal. Also, there is a science behind offering foods they will enjoy eating! Who has the energy to argue on a full stomach? Your body is expending energy digesting the foods you’ve eaten, so a high protein diet might be a good choice. Proteins need to be broken down into amino acids, which takes more energy than passing fiber through the intestines.

After having enjoyed the company of others you always thought of as rivals, and a meal fit for a king, it’s easy to break down the barriers to healthy communications. If you don’t believe how effective the right menu and venue can be for a luncheon, give it a try. You will be amazed at the difference this one meal can make in relaxing tensions enough to get down to business for afternoon talks.

Bridging Cultural Divides

In the end, there is nothing like a good meal to bridge cultural divides. Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that speak the loudest of our similarities. Instead of forcing others to our way of thinking, maybe it’s best to find a happy medium. Nothing works quite as well as sharing a good meal with others you hope one day to call friends. Top the day off with an amazing dinner and you’ve won the battle. It’s hard to see roadblocks when you’re focused on delectable foods and friendly conversation. See for yourself.