Wellness Tips for the Workplace: How to Stay Healthy at Work

Did you know that in the US, only 12% of adults are metabolically healthy?

American lifestyles become more and more unhealthy by the year, but it’s important to safeguard your own health.

Working in an office can make healthy living seem impossible. We all know that sitting down all day has detrimental effects similar to smoking. 

But, there are a few wellness tips for the workplace that you could take into consideration in order to protect your health. Let’s take a look.

1. Suggest Walking Meetings 

The average American only walks between 5,000 and 7,000 steps per day. The recommended number of steps is 10,000. As well as this, we should be exercising for around 20 minutes per day too! 

But, how do you fit in five miles of walking when you’re supposed to be sat at a desk all day? There are many simple ways to get your steps up. 

For example, set an alarm for every hour to get up and take a quick break. This will also improve your concentration levels. Don’t forget to take your lunch break and go for a short walk then too. 

Furthermore, consider walking to work or, if this is not possible, park a few blocks away so that you get some fresh air in the morning. 

Finally, why not suggest to your boss or colleagues that you take walking meetings? Walking helps foster creativity and open communication. 

2. Drink Enough Water 

Are you guilty of drinking too much caffeine but completely avoiding water in its purest form? This needs to change if you want to feel healthy! 

Around 40% of people in the US don’t consume enough water every day. You should aim to drink over two liters of water every single day. 

Why not buy a two-liter water bottle to fill up in the morning and sip from throughout the day? If you don’t like water, try adding fruits and ice cubes. 

3. Keep Your Desk Clean and Tidy 

It may sound ridiculous, but a tidy desk will boost your morale and encourage productivity and creativity. Furthermore, don’t think your boss won’t notice if your desk is a complete mess. 

But, how does a clean desk keep you healthy? If you wipe down your desk with antibacterial wipes every week, you will be keeping germs at bay and avoiding sickness. 

Offices are germy places so eating your lunch at your desk without washing your hands first is a bad idea. Check out these health and safety topics to learn more.

4. Improve Your Posture

Are you a sloucher? Then, it’s time to improve your posture. Your back will thank you in the long term. There are many videos on YouTube that show you the proper way to sit. 

It may even be worth investing in a seat cushion or a new seat if you find that your back is uncomfortable. Try speaking to the HR department to see if they can help. 

5. Don’t Let Stress Beat You Down

Stress is a global issue and people are becoming more and more angry and worried. What can you do to decrease your stress levels? You may want to try: 

  • Regularly exercising
  • Spending more time with friends and family
  • Learning how to meditate 
  • Practicing yoga
  • Avoiding caffeine and alcohol during the working week
  • Journaling regularly

There are hundreds of ways to reduce stress in a healthy way. But, if you find that you are extremely stressed about work, try speaking to your boss about what is concerning you.

Furthermore, it’s a good idea to also let your doctor know what is going on if you are finding yourself with high stress levels for no clear reason.

6. Build Good Relationships with Colleagues

Is there anything better than having a good friend? Your office friend will become like family once you’ve been through a few stressful situations together. 

Don’t try to force these relationships, but see them grow on work nights out or during lunch breaks. 

Talking about your problems and laughing about them can help you overcome tough work situations and who understands these issues better than a colleague?

7. Eat Healthily Throughout the Day

Did you know that Americans now eat 500 more daily calories than in the 1970s? As our diets are getting worse, our health is also deteriorating. 

By packing your own healthy lunches every day, you can avoid tempting fast food. Bring snacks such as fruit and nuts to avoid candy or the office snacks in the afternoon. 

Furthermore, with a big bottle of water at your side, you’re less likely to reach for Coca-Cola!

8. Get Enough Sleep

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to take a nap while you’re at work. But, it’s very important that you get enough sleep before your working day begins. 

Aim to be in bed eight hours before you need to wake up in the morning. This may sound impossible, but scheduling in time to unwind will help you fall asleep faster. 

In order to be in bed sooner, it’s important to have rigid evening routines. Put away your phone, listen to a podcast, and sip a chamomile tea. 

Why not prepare meals in advance so you’re not cooking all evening and even prepare what you’ll wear for the next day?

9. Take Your Vacations

Last year, adults in the US failed to enjoy 768 million days of paid time off. This is a terrible statistic. 

Although you may feel needed in the office at all times, no one benefits from burnout. Taking vacation days is essential to your mental health and will improve your work once you return. 

There Are Many More Wellness Tips for the Workplace

Of course, there are many more ways to stay healthy at work. Avoiding those that are sick and staying home when you are sick yourself goes without saying!

Why not set up a meeting in your office about wellness tips for the workplace to encourage other employees to also live healthily?

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