How To Effectively Motivate Yourself

If you ask people why they struggle or don’t succeed in life, most will tell you it’s because they lack motivation. Whether you want to exercise to stay in shape or lose weight, people are struggling with their motivation. So why are so many people having a hard time achieving their goals?

“Without something worthwhile to work toward, motivation cannot exist” says Sean Adams of Motivation Ping. “The hardest part of anyone’s life is finding something that stirs up passion, a goal that makes the effort to achieve it satisfying and fun.” It’s this very reason why so many are swayed by the smooth talkers, the con artists, scams, and self-centered leaders who promise fortunes and deliver heartache.

Many people don’t like working the typical nine-to-five job. While they make an income, few find job satisfaction. Strangely enough, many people find more passion watching a football game and conversing with friends over the barbecue than during the work week. According to Tony Robbins, life demands something from everyone. It demands that everyone make significant progress.

All people must become leaders whether that leadership is in their chosen field or as the CEO of a multi-national corporation. Even the everyday housewife can become a leader in her household and find satisfaction in her work.

“No one can become a leader without motivation” says John Rogan of Motivational Speakers. There are rules that can stir up passion, the kind of passion that leads to ultimate success. Here are some of the finer points:

A Unique Character

Like fingerprints no two people have the same knowledge, experience or talents. It is this variety between people that can make the world an exciting place to live it. Prosperity is assured if everyone fulfills their destiny and works to add value to themselves and those around them.

A Contribution Without Reward

Talents can’t come to the fore unless they are exercised. Home and work life are the best places to demonstrate those abilities.

The corporate environment is one that rewards those who have unique skills and can use them to solve problems. Many look for immediate recognition but don’t understand that compensation comes from constant effort and not from a single effort. That requires patience.

Set a Worthwhile Goal

Vague notions and foggy ideas will never inspire action. W. Clement Stone put it succinctly when he said: “Whatever the mind of man can conceive, it can achieve.”

A well thought-out goal is the first step to its achievement. It must be accompanied by a plan. Mapping out a step-by-step plan not only makes it easier to reach the goal but inspires the need to take action.

Staying Positive and Motivated

The media projects negative news. Somewhere there is murder, robbery, corporate and government corruption. Well-meaning but misguided friends and relatives will try to put a damper on the efforts of anyone who tries to upset the status quo.

Setbacks along the way can dampen the spirit. Fear and self-doubt lead many to abandon their dreams. But the only way to stay positive is by focusing on the goal to the exclusion of all the bad news.

Become a Constant Learner

Life presents many challenges. Some are not easy to overcome and require experience. Experience cannot come unless one acquires an education.

The wealthy in society are extensive readers. They soak in knowledge. If the mind is actively focused on learning, there is no room for worry and fear. Knowledge leads to achieving a goal so much easier.

An Organized Approach to Self Motivation

Satisfaction comes from reaching daily tasks, not the goal on the distant horizon. A daily schedule, a to-do list helps toward the efficient use of time to get the most accomplished. There is no better joy than to go to bed knowing that a single step toward the ultimate goal has been accomplished.

Anyone who has ever achieved any success has learned the techniques to stay motivated until the goal was reached. The qualities of a self-disciplined achiever are available for anyone who cares enough to make his a better life and make the lives of those around him better through his motivation.