What Are The Most Common Causes Of Low Female Libido?

Not everyone is quite comfortable discussing their sex drive miseries and even those that do, some usually have a hard time understanding why they become victims to low sex drive in the first place. Suffering from low sex drive as a female can raise very many questions in looking to understand what the cause could be. It even gets more confusing when a sex drive goes from 100% to zero within a short time. Well, there are obvious reasons, both physical and psychological that could trigger that and the sooner they are understood the better.

However, the best thing about all this is that there are remedies for every cause of low sex drive. That means that once you understand what could be the cause behind your low libido, you can easily incorporate a remedy and bring your sexy back. Some of the solutions can be found at www.lady-era.net. This guide has highlighted a number of low sex drive causes so read on and be enlightened.

Low Sex Drive In Females Causes

The Following Are Some Of The
Main Causes Of Low Sex Drive In Females:

  • Pregnancy. It is however not the same case for different people because there are females who experience a spike in sex drive when they are pregnant. To others, it is the opposite, and it gets worse once they give birth and start breastfeeding. These are a result of hormonal changes which with time can stabilize again and revive your sex drive.
  • Physical Or Sex Abuse. You have probably heard of stories where sexual violence victims address their sex life and how their experiences generally affected their sexual orientation. Victims of sexual abuse most of the time have a hard time finding closure in intimacy depending with the severity of their past sexual violence experiences. However, counseling sessions or therapy can help them heal and overcome their fears with time.
  • Menopause. Some women suffer from low sex drive
    at menopause with cases of painful sex which is associated with hormonal
    changes and dry vaginal tissues. This is however not the case for all women
    because there are those that do just fine even at that certain age. Some
    medical attention can help the situation.
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections. Most STIs are associated with discomfort as a result of their symptoms and these can go a long way in affecting one’s sex drive tremendously. It is until they are treated and healed that one can be able to enjoy sexual intimacy once again.
  • Infidelity. In most relationships or marriages
    where a partner is involved with infidelity, there is always a shift in sex
    drive on the side of the affected partner if they come to know of it, or for
    the one involved in the infidelity. There are cases where partners are able to
    work out such fallouts, whereas others opt to walk out because of broken
  • Medical Conditions And Medications. There are
    diseases such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes among others that affect sex drive
    including some medications that inhibit the production of serotonin hormone.