What Can I Eat After Dental Implant Surgery

After your dental implant surgery, you may be worried about what to eat and what not to eat. Worry less; this post is for you. The minimum duration for recovery after the implant is about six months. During this period, the recommended types of food are those that will not stress the teeth. The foods to be eaten are soft diets that can be easily chewed. The teeth need to heal before undergoing any rigorous chewing fully. Hard foods like nuts and bones should be avoided during this period. After the stipulated healing, the Zirconia teeth will be fitted.

Foods That Can Be Eaten After Dental Implant Surgery

The various types of food listed are the healthiest that can be eaten during the recuperation period. The healthiest ones are the ones that can be easily swallowed without needing much teeth activity. Below is a list of food you can eat.

Eggs, Smoothies, Apple sauce, Mashed potatoes, Potatoes, Sausages, Meatloaf, Pasta, Fish, Macaroni, Cooked vegetables, Lean beef, Cottage cheese, Pudding, Yogurt, Baked apples, Pancakes, French toast and Gravy among a list of others.

Foods That Should Be Avoided After Dental Implant Surgery 

The types of food listed below have been discovered not to be the healthiest during the recuperation phase after the surgery. As such, they should be avoided in the meantime.

Cheese, Ice cubes, Chewy meat, Salad lettuce, raw carrot, raw apples, and several other foods.

You must be wondering why you should avoid a certain type of food. Below is a list of a few reasons why some kind of food should be avoided.

  • Gaps – while the teeth are healing, there will be a slight change in the gum. The change will bring about little spaces between your gums and the acrylic teeth. When you consume foods with small pieces, they could get stuck between the spaces. When foods get stuck, you run the risk of having an infection.
  • Healing implants– the healing process of the implant does not require the consumption of foods that are too chewy. This is because when you chew, too much pressure is put on the implant.

Healthy Tips for Healing After Dental Implant Surgery

After your dental implant surgery, you will undoubtedly be looking forward to a speedy recovery. Though the speed of recovery is different in people, you can also take steps that can help speed up your healing process. Below are a few tips that can be of help.

  • Drink lots of water– you need to stay hydrated; drinking a lot of water helps keep the body healthy. Rehydrating will also help you speed up your healing process.
  • Stays away from smoking– smoking and tobacco usage are to be avoided during the healing process. The use of these substances can prevent the healing process after your dental implant surgery.
  • Care for your mouth– rinse your mouth with salt water every the next 24 hours after the implant. Then, before you sleep, ensure that you also clean your teeth. In the process, be careful not to brush the area of the surgery.
  • Suspend exercising– you should avoid strenuous activities like exercise and heavy items. This is to prevent the surgery area from bleeding or aggravating the pain.

Dental implants are not natural teeth, they still require proper oral hygiene. Now that you have gotten your implants, you need to eat and stay healthy. The tips presented in this article are useful tips and food prescriptions that will aid a speedy recovery. If followed to the latter, your implants will make you happy.