How Do You Choose a Gynaecologist That Is Right for You?

Like any other woman at any given point, one may find herself at crossroads to find the perfect gynecologist. It is important that you find yourself the best gynecologist in Memphis that you are most comfortable with. The significance of a gynecologist is immense. After all, it is not only the most intimate but also the among the most crucial body parts and issues of the body. Finding the right obstetrician/gynecologist (Ob/Gyn) regardless of your reason remains a huge task. 

Take a look at the most important factors to keep in mind to choose the right gynecologist:

  1. Rely on Referrals

First things first, nothing is better than word of mouth. Consult your family doctor for a referral list of good gynecologists. No one is better than someone from the same fraternity for best recommendations. Other than your primary care doctor, ask your family and friends. They will suggest to you the best Ob/Gyn from their personal experience. In addition to that, the gynecologist might give special attention to you considering their long-time relationship with your friend/ relative.

  1. Research well 

If your colleague or female friends vouch for a doctor, you must begin your research. Make sure to research the gynecologist’s experience, bedside manner, and skills. Other essential considerations include training, clean history, zero disciplinary or malpractice claims. Other than that, make sure to keep up with the certifications and credentials of the gynecologist. This way you are able to carefully vet the doctor before trusting them with your private details. 

  1. Watch out for the reviews

Once you get your hands on the names of the best gynecologist in Memphis, check out their reviews on websites like,, and Why you must not skip the reviews? It is because these websites have verified reviews by patients based on:

  • Appointment scheduling 
  • Trustworthy 
  • Average waiting time
  • Diagnosis & its explanation
  • Courteous staff
  • Clinic environment 

The starred ratings and comments are verified and real. That said, a handful of negative reviews amidst a lot of positive reviews should not be a concern. However, several negative reviews indicate that you must avoid the clinic. You must check the overall rating of the hospital to assess its quality.

  1. Experience Matters

Among many other factors that affect your decision, the credentials and experience of the gynecologist matter the most. Before you decide on the best women’s health clinic in Memphis. Check the doctor’s bio that includes:

  • Where did the gynecologist complete their residency?
  • How many years they have practiced? 
  • Whether or not they have had any malpractice suits filed against them. 
  • What are their specialties?
  • The most important— is if they are certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 

And yes, the doctor’s specialty is important. Some gynecologist specializes in obstetrics, some in cancer treatment, while others exclusively in gynecology. So in case you are consulting gynecologists for a specific condition, for instance, endometriosis, you must first find out his or her specialization.

  1. Consider Gender

Although it should not matter if the gynecologist is exceptionally skilled, you must give priority to comfort. It often happens that women are not comfortable sharing their personal information with male doctors. Think about it, if the gender of the gynecologist matters a lot to you, then consider keeping gender as the foremost filter. You must not feel awkward or nervous while you get assessed or consulted. 

This applies only when it comes to basic consultation and follow-ups. However, in case of serious conditions, do not deny yourself the best medical service solely because of gender. 

  1. Values & Mannerisms

It’s a given that they are going to advise you on pregnancy, birth control, and related matters. It is important that you observe how they perceive these subjects. Apart from this, it is crucial that they have a good bedside manner. This is essential because it will reflect on your faith and confidence in the doctor. Dismissive bedside manner will overshadow their credentials and expertise. The best gynecologist in Memphis would be a great listener as well, and would respectfully handle your case. They will not preach or instruct you anything that goes against your will, health, or ethics. 

  1. Insurance

Another significant consideration would be the costs. It is an important factor while deciding on a gynecologist. Make sure that the gynecologist accepts your insurance. Paying for treatments from your savings will be hefty in your pocket. Make sure to cross-check with your insurance plans if they cover the costs of gynecology consultations and treatments. 

  1. Comfort level

Gynecologic exams are carried out after a series of highly personal questions. This includes your menstrual cycle, reproductive and sexual health. This means you must be comfortable with the expert at every step of the treatment/consultation. Yes, gender might be an issue and there will be a certain level of discomfort or awkwardness in the beginning but make sure to give it time. 

Of course, priority should be given to credentials but comfort and care should not be left out. 

  1. Hospital affiliation 

Once you have decided on the best women’s health clinic in Memphis you should know that it is the clinic for every test and treatment for your reproductive health. Before finalizing, you must make sure of two things— high-quality standards and more importantly your gynecologist is affiliated with a trusted hospital. 

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) recommends Hospital Quality Measures for Patients; aiding you to evaluate a hospital:

  • Injury and accidents during the hospital stay
  • Infections and complications developed during ongoing treatment at a hospital
  • Patient reviews on services and care.
  • Efficient procedures and services 

Consult the Right Gynecologist at Poplar Avenue Clinic

Your healthcare team is incomplete without the best gynecologist in Memphis. After all, the healthy anatomy of a woman surrounds her reproductive health. And, this professional will examine you every other month and therefore, you must be able to trust the doctor. Follow the tips mentioned above to find the right gynecologist for you.

Author Bio:

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, MD is an OB-GYN specialist in Memphis, TN and has over 19 years of experience in the medical field.  Dr. Kumar has more experience with Gynecologic Neoplasms than other specialists in his area.  He graduated from Government Medical College, Chandigarh medical school in 2003.  He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Baptist Memorial Hospital – Collierville and Baptist Memorial Hospital – Memphis.  He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Kumar to book an appointment.