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What Does Meth Do to You?: The Horrors of Meth

Drug addiction can destroy many aspects of your life. Different drugs can affect your body and brain’s development in many different ways.

But crystal meth is a particularly brutal drug. You may be wondering, just what does meth do to you exactly? Read on to learn more about how the drug affects your health.

What is Crystal Meth

Meth is often referred to as “ice” or “glass”. It’s an addictive drug that is usually smoked with a pipe. The word meth comes from the longer word “methamphetamine” which is a stimulant.

You may be surprised to learn that methamphetamines have actually been around for a long time. Certain meths are even legal, and they can be found in certain drugs that treat ADHD. 

Back in the day, meth was used on soldiers to keep them active. It is now heavily regulated and is not available without a prescription.

Meth is described to give people a strong rush when ingested. Thus, it makes for a highly addictive substance because of its quick effects.

Short Term Effects of Meth

Some of the most immediate symptoms of using meth include appetite suppression and increased heart rate.

When meth enters the system, the rush one experiences is due to a high heart rate. It makes people feel like they have tons of energy. 

Unfortunately, with the high comes the crash. After the effects of the drug wear off, feelings of depression often take over. This is when users want to use more to achieve the effects of the strong rush. 

Because meth suppresses hunger, many people also experience significant weight loss.

Other short term symptoms include nausea and irregular sleep patterns. Some users even experience hallucinations. 

Some employers may run drug tests to ensure employees are not abusing drugs. Nowadays, you can find a meth residue test at your local pharmacy.

Long Term Effects of Meth

Unfortunately, the long term effects of meth are serious and often irreversible. Meth can take a huge toll on your organs and overall health.

Prolonged use of meth can cause high blood pressure and increased heart rate. 

This can lead to heart attacks and strokes because of damaged blood vessels. Other brain damage can include memory loss or chronic headaches. 

Meth also affects almost every other part of the body. It damages your lungs due to the smoke inhalation from the pipe usage.

But it can also damage your liver and kidneys as well. If sniffed, meth can damage sensitive nose tissue that can result in serious nasal blockages

Due to the appetite suppression, meth usage can lead to malnutrition or other eating disorders. It can even result in tooth decay.

As a result, meth can lower the body’s resistance to serious illnesses.

What Does Meth Do to You?

So what does meth do to you exactly? It can severely affect organ function and brain activity. 

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