Sparkling Effects: The Benefits of Wearing Gold Rings

Since the ancient times, gold has been the symbol of wealth and power. Furthermore, it has been believed to have possessed great medicinal purposes.

Medical History of Gold

During the ancient Egyptian society, Cleopatra had used pure gold as her face mask to fight off aging and enhance her beauty. Also, during the Roman era, it was believed the gold salve could treat different kinds of skin diseases. In some ancient societies, pure gold had healing properties and said to relieve further infection when applied to the affected spot.

Gold and Jewelry

Today, gold’s medicinal and fashionable luster has not faded away. A lot of dermatologists still use gold for skin care. Moreover, it is still highly used in jewelry and is still regarded as a symbol of wealth. Since gold can give significant benefits when topically applied, can wearing one harness the same effects too?

Benefits of Wearing Gold Rings

Gold has been one of the most coveted and luxurious metals in the world. Highly regarded as valuable, it is used as a staple in the jewelry industry.  Anyone can wear a gold ring any time. May it be during weddings, debuts, meetings, or even in everyday life. However, in today’s modern society, few have knowledge on the benefits of wearing gold. Hover here for more info

Asides from the beauty and skin care benefits of gold, you can also benefit from wearing real gold rings. Here are some of the unbelievable benefits you can get from them:

  1. It gives relaxing effects on the body as it emits soothing vibration and warm energy. This, in turn, can help hasten the healing process of any illness.
  2. It serves as the body’s “jumping wire” to emulate energy circulation throughout the body.
  3. It helps in improving your body’s blood circulation. Gold, after all, has always been known for its ability to heal the heart. In fact, it’s often used in surgeries for damaged blood vessels.
  4. It helps regulate your body’s temperature. It is especially useful when one has night sweats, chills, and hot flashes.
  5. It may alleviate arthritic symptoms. For worse arthritis conditions, gold therapy is recommended. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), this kind of treatment has been around for years.
  6. It may help in reducing depressive emotions. It is a good de-stressor as it can uplift mental attitude and improve emotional state.

24-karat Gold Jewelry

Some other great benefits of wearing gold rings or jewelry is that it has no side effects! Simply wearing one can help improve your overall wellness and physical health. However, you must and only wear pure 24-karat gold jewelry. Alloyed gold jewelry can affect its medical properties by distorting the vibrations it emits to your body.

If you’re looking for gold rings with price you can afford, you can always go online. There are lots of options that you can choose from.

Final Thoughts

Pure 24-karat gold rings are sure to give you significant health benefits. Just beware of faux gold rings when purchasing online or in your local stores.