What Increases Healing Time During Injury Recovery?

If we look at different people affected by the same injuries we quickly realize that some heal faster than others. So many factors are going to lead to having to go through prolonged healing times. Some of the really relevant factors that should be taken into account include prior injuries, age, physical conditioning and medical conditions.

According to a DUI attorney in Springfield IL, based on the cases he serviced, the only person that can offer some sort of recovery time assessment is a doctor and this could only be done after various different tests are performed. Other factors can always exist, ranging from going through highly improper injury management to premature activity increases.

The Pre-Existing Factors

You will not find two people that have the exact same physical capacity to fully recover after suffering from trauma. As an example, people normally end up healing at a slower rate as they age. This means that if you slip and fall when you are young, recovery will most likely not take that long. However, if you get the same injury when you are old, you will spend a substantial amount of extra time to recover.

Your current fitness levels will have an impact on recovery. If you look in the media you often see stories of athletes that recover from serious injuries in half of the amount of time a normal person would. This is due to the fact that they do know better what to do and their bodies are much stronger, better equipped to heal.

If you live a highly sedentary lifestyle and your nutrition is bad, there is a strong possibility you will become overweight and that recovery from even small injuries can be long. It is really important that you live a healthy lifestyle if you want to have short recovery times following injuries.

Post-Traumatic Factors

The truth is you have just one real opportunity to start a good, early injury treatment that could minimize healing times. Rest and ice are really helpful and are always recommended. However, most patients underestimate the importance of this and end up faced with a speedy recovery missed opportunity. Also, when you prematurely apply heat everything will become worse.

One of the worst things that someone can do is to continue going through intense physical activity when injured. It is common for people to get re-injured because they start working out way too early.


It is very important that you are aware of all the factors that could have an influence on your recovery after you suffered an injury. Unfortunately, most people hurry and make matters worse as they try to get back on track faster. What is very important is that you work together with your doctors, physical trainers and other specialists in order to do exactly what is necessary for proper recovery. Never do things alone! You will need help, even if the injury you suffered from is not as serious as what you read about somewhere else.