What Is a Typical Day in a Detox Facility Like?

Admitting yourself or a loved one into a detox facility can be scary. Especially if you have no idea what to expect.

Read on to get an idea of what you can expect in a typical day at a drug rehab center.

Rise and Shine

Sleeping in late isn’t an option in drug rehab centers. You can expect to be up early to enjoy a healthy breakfast in the dining room.

Depending on the rehab center you choose, you may enjoy sunrise yoga or a guided meditation to start your day off right.

Morning Group Therapy

After breakfast, you will head over to small or large group therapy. During this morning session, you will join other participants in a group discussion led by a therapist or counselor.

You will discuss topics related to recovery and addiction. You will spend time exploring the triggers that have led you to abuse drugs or alcohol.

Morning group therapy typically lasts until lunchtime. 

After Lunch Therapy

After you enjoy another healthy meal as a group in the communal dining area, you will head to a series of therapeutic sessions.

Your detox center will create a schedule for you that best meets your needs.

You may participate in one or several therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). 

CBT helps you explore your responses to certain triggers. A licensed therapist will guide you to better responses to those triggers. You will get the tools you need to arm yourself for dealing with life after you leave drug rehab.

You might participate in specialized sessions such as dealing with grief and loss, anger management and so on. Some drug rehab centers offer alternative forms of therapy such as music, art or equine therapy.

Family therapy is sometimes offered during this afternoon block. It can be helpful for you and your family to come together to discuss how addiction impacted everyone in the family.

Addressing these issues with the guidance of a trained professional gives the family a way to resolve issues and mend broken bridges.

Guest Speakers

Some days, the detox facility may invite a guest speaker to visit.  Guest speakers can be recovered addicts who can share their story of hope.

Speakers may come to speak about practical issues such as getting a job after drug therapy.

Free Time in a Detox Facility 

Most rehab centers offer some time in the afternoon or evening for free time. During this time, residents can choose from a variety of activities.

People can choose to play sports, swim in the pool, take an exercise class, write in their journals or spend time reading.

Evening Group Session

Many drug rehab centers offer a 12-step rehab program in the evening after dinner.

These meetings help participants connect with other people who are going through the same journey. These sessions offer a safe and anonymous place where people can work towards long-term sobriety.

In some facilities, free time is offered after dinner instead of earlier in the afternoon.

An Early Bedtime

While most detox facilities don’t enforce a lights out policy, they often have a set time when residents need to be in their rooms.

A reasonable bedtime is encouraged to help participants set healthy habits for the rest of their lives. Early mornings mean that most participants are happy to get to sleep early so they can be alert and energized the next day.

Bottom Line

Thanks for reading! We hope this overview of a typical day in a detox facility has helped you get an idea of what you can expect.

Of course, each facility sets its own schedule so you will need to find a facility that suits your needs.

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