How to Get a Medical cannabis Prescription

Cannabis is popular to many as a recreational drug. However, it has been used for therapeutic purposes for many years. It’s recognized for its health benefits and approved for assisting in improving mood disorders as well as providing pain relief.

Nevertheless, medical cannabis is only prescribed by select clinics to patients who need it. In some cases, medical marijuana is prescribed for managing the symptoms of specific ailments, for instance; cancer, liver disease, asthma, glaucoma, and multiple sclerosis.

Just like any ordinary drug dispensed in the market, cannabis has both good and bad effects.  However, the various benefits of medical marijuana are enough grounds for the legalization of its use.

Below are the steps for getting medical cannabis prescription. The application process may vary province to province, but in general this is the overall province to apply for a medical maragjuana prescription in Canada.

1. Obtaining a recommendation

It’s illegal for any physician to prescribe medicinal cannabis. However, he/she can write a recommendation stating that the drug is deemed beneficial for the treatment of the patient’s condition. In most cases, doctors usually prescribe medical cannabis for chronic conditions or in cases where the patient’s life activities will be harmed if not treated instantly.

Therefore, the doctor should draft a written document stating that he or she has made the prescription and the reasons for doing so.  Further, the signature of the prescribing doctor should be appended. The recommendation will be useful in getting a cannabis card.

2. Applying for an identification prescription

To apply for the identification card, the medical cannabis prescription and the written documentation are required.  The steps for obtaining the medical cannabis card are;

-Visiting a reputable doctor in your neighborhood: – To get the cannabis card, you need to visit a licensed doctor in your vicinity. However, it’s vital to search for one who has lots of experience in writing recommendations for cannabis cards.  Before confirming you for the card, the doctor will thoroughly review your medical records to ascertain that you’re the perfect candidate to use cannabis.

-Applying for the card: – Once the doctor approves that you need to use cannabis to keep health ailments at bay, then you submit this recommendation and at the same time apply for a medical cannabis prescription.

-Paying the required fee: – After getting the card, you get all the rights to purchase cannabis from any clinic. However, this card is usually valid for one year.  Therefore, you need to renew it before the expiry date by paying an annual fee. Additionally, in some provinces, you require going through the same application process to have the card renewed.

-Obtain a valid medical cannabis card: – After paying the required fee, filling the application, and writing the recommendations, you then get the cannabis card. However, the provincial government will take some time to verify your request before approving the card.

-Show your card in a local dispensary: – Once you obtain the card, you’re required to show it in the local dispensary to purchase medical cannabis.