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What is Functional Medicine? The Top 5 Amazing Benefits

What if everything you know about medicine has been wrong all along?

Most people rely on conventional medicine their entire lives. However, those lives might be changed with functional medicine.

If you’re wondering “what is functional medicine,” don’t worry. We’ve put together a guide to what it is and how it can benefit your life!

What Is Functional Medicine?

Conventional medicine often has a “one size fits all” approach to illness. If you have symptoms, many doctors prescribe the same thing they’ve prescribed a thousand times.

With functional medicine, each patient and each set of symptoms is treated on a case by case basis. And functional medicine incorporates non-traditional treatments ranging from medicinal supplements to acupuncture and yoga.

But does it work? Keep reading to discover the top five amazing benefits.

1. It’s More Natural

The first benefit of functional medicine is the biggest. Namely, it is very natural as a form of treatment.

The truth is that piling on various pills and scary conventional treatments can damage your body and stress your mind.

With functional medicine, you get a natural approach that lets you feel more natural.

2. You Get What You Pay For

Ever heard of “Hollywood accounting?” There is something similar called “health accounting.”

Many conventional medical treatments are overpriced. Why? To generate higher and higher profits for insurance companies and the healthcare industry.

With functional medicine, you pay for the exact treatments you want. And you can rest easy knowing the money is going directly towards the professionals caring for you.

3. The Side Effects Are Solid

With conventional medicine, “side effects” is usually a bad word. With functional medicine, though, the side effects are usually a good thing.

This is due to the holistic approach behind functional medicine. By focusing on your entire body and unique chemistry, you end up much healthier than you started.

Many functional medicine treatments focus on your diet as well as health supplements. And by making these improvements, you can treat the symptoms while possibly adding years to your life.

4. Not Just Healthy, but Thriving

Did you ever think about the difference between “healthy” and “thriving?”

Conventional medicine focuses on making us healthy. However, after weeks of treatment, most of us feel miserable, even after we are “healed.”

Functional medicine focuses on restoring not just your health but your vitality. In short, this is your opportunity to emerge from illness as a “whole new you.”

To see great examples of functional medicine, check out this site.

5. It Integrates with Traditional Medicine

You may be thinking that you’ll be forced to choose between traditional medicine and functional medicine. But what if you could have it both ways?

Many aspects of functional medicine can be coordinated by your existing doctors. That means that you can get all the benefits of traditional treatment along with the exciting benefits that come from functional medicines.

The Bottom Line

Now you have the answer to the question, “what is functional medicine?” But do you know who can help answer the rest of your questions?

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