What Is In My Drinking Water ?

Have you ever considered what is in your drinking water? You are probably aware that it comes from the water treatment plant where bacteria and debris are removed or killed.

But what goes in it to achieve this goal and is it really as safe to drink as you think?

Where Water Comes From

The water cycle is the process where water leaves the oceans and goes into the sky. Eventually this water falls back to Earth as rain. This rain then makes its way across the ground or through the rocks to the reservoirs. The water picks up debris, bacteria and even minerals from the rock and ground.

This is why it needs to be treated.

The Treatment Process

The typical water treatment works will add chemicals which are positively charged.

These neutralize negative minerals in the water; which is usually the dirt and debris the water has picked u on its travels.

The merging of these elements creates a larger particle which sits on the surface of the water as floc; it slowly descends to the bottom of the water.

The higher water can then be passed through an array of filters to remove any particles which remain in the water.

The resulting water will still have bacteria present but no debris should be left.

Chlorine is then added to the water to kill the bacteria and any other parasites in the water.

The water is then tested and sent to your home.

Alongside the chlorine some treatment works will add fluoride and other chemicals. These are still present when the water is sent down the pipes.

The Complication

Chlorine is known to have a negative effect on the body. It can cause respiratory issues and skin disorders. There are also concerns over the health impact of fluoride on the human body.

In addition to the chemicals that have been added it is possible that the water can pick up new contaminants as it travels through the pipes. Debris from the pipes can mix with the water.

Bacteria can also infiltrate the water as it is not possible to monitor all of the pipe work; a tiny split would allow bacteria in unnoticed.

The Solution

The best way of ensuring your water is clean and doesn’t contain the chemicals used by the water treatment plant, is to install a whole house water filter. This is basically a casing which forces the water through a carbon filter.

Carbon is known to remove 99.9% of bacteria and debris. It is unlikely that there will be anything harmful in your water when you drink it.

It is worth noting that you can purchase a smaller filter and fit it to your mains line. This could then give you a dedicated tap which is filtered water for drinking.

This is a cheaper option and a viable one although you may have more peace of mind with the whole house system. A whole house system will be the only real option if you have allergic reactions to the chlorine.