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What Is The Dart One Hitter?

Cannabis has been legalized for medical and recreational use across most states in America. This opened the door for many innovative ways of enhancing the smoking of weed, and one excellent example is the Dart One Hitter. This device usually holds around one hit of marijuana, and it is for this reason that it is referred to as the one hitter. 

If you want to smoke your favorite flower without drawing too much attention, look no further. You might still be skeptical about this product, but don’t worry, since many people are at first. Read this blog and get to see why this is the best way to enjoy smoking your cannabis. 

Hidden Smell 

Smoking a joint or other weed-smoking gadgets usually produce a conspicuous smell. In contrast, the Dart one hitter does not since most of the smoke goes to your lungs directly. Thanks to this, you never need to worry about drawing the attention of onlookers because of the smell produced by burnt weed. 

Whereas the one hitter does an excellent job of producing less odor, it does not entirely do away with all the smell. The reason for this is that you will need to exhale the smoke, and as a result, the smell of burnt dry herbs will emerge. 

Helps You Conserve Your Supply 

If conserving your flower is of utmost importance, you are in luck as the one hitter does an excellent job at this. This is possible since you only need one hit when using this device, meaning you use a smaller quantity of herbs. Using these pipes, you can reduce what you smoke every day, especially if you lack time to keep reloading it. 

Furthermore, if you also fill your pipe often and end up not smoking the entire bowl, lots of weed gets wasted. This is the case since relighting an old bowl is no fun as the flavor is not fresh, and you end up disposing of it and getting another one. With the Dart one hitter, you never have to worry about packing too much weed, meaning you always get to enjoy a fresh hit. 

This aspect of the one hitter is especially beneficial if your tolerance is relatively low. Thus, you get to save your stash because you never over-smoke or over-pack, making you more mindful of all your actions.      

Easy To Use 

Do you value portability? If so, you should get yourself the one hitter, which you can easily move around with due to its tiny size. When using this device, you also shouldn’t worry about getting the attention of curious bystanders. Therefore, you get to enjoy the smoke of your favorite herb regardless of your location. 

They Are Inconspicuous

One of the best features of the Dart one hitter is the slender and slim design that makes it very discrete. Thanks to this, you can take a hit using this pipe while out in public, and nobody would even mind. In fact, most people who see you take a puff will assume you are smoking a traditional cigarette. This particular aspect of the one hitter makes it an excellent choice, especially if you live in an area where people still have a terrible view of weed smokers. 

You also get to remain discrete since, as mentioned, this pipe does not produce lots of odor, as the smoke goes into your lungs rather than into the atmosphere. Thus, you need not have any concerns about attracting the attention of observers due to the smell of dry herbs. 


One of the best things about the one hitter is that it also allows you to microdose. What microdosing entails using a small quantity of a drug such as weed to experience all its benefits while not impairing yourself completely. Because of this, you do not get stoned, and are able to carry out your daily activities effectively. 

How Do You Pack Your Dart One Hitter? 

How you pack this one hitter solely depends on the consistency of the ground cannabis. If the marijuana is crushed so that it becomes more like ash, you will inhale it into your lungs. Conversely, if you do not crush the weed correctly, its pieces might be too big and end up blocking your one hitter, hence restricting the flow of air. Thus, you should ensure the consistency is correct before adding your flower into the chamber of your Dart one hitter. 

The best way to add cannabis into the one hitter chamber is by dipping it into the weed and loading it up. As you do this, lift your one hitter to see what is inside the chamber. However, it might take some time before you perfect packing the flower into this pipe. Over time and with enough practice, this will become an easy task. 


After reading this article, you are now well informed about what the Dart one hitter is. It is also clear why this device is the perfect choice to get due to the remarkable benefits it provides you. So, if you are looking to enhance your experience smoking weed, this pipe is, without a doubt, the perfect choice.