What To Expect From Hand and Shoulder Surgeons Buffalo NY

The hands and shoulders play a very big role in your day-to-day activities. You need them to cook, eat, and perform other essential activities that you go about during the day. That’s why whenever you have injuries on your hands and shoulders, it’s always advisable to consult a doctor for help. When you’re living in Buffalo, New York and you need a hand or shoulder operation, you can find a lot of surgeons around.


Just remember to expect the following from surgeons, or you can visit their website to know more about the procedure.


  1. They Know When To Require a Surgery


If you’re feeling pain and discomfort on your hand and shoulder, the worst thing that comes to your mind is that it may require surgical procedures. But this is not always the case. There are a lot of injuries on your hands and shoulders that may not require surgery but only need therapy for healing. Part of a hand and shoulder surgeon’s job is to treat these injuries even if they do not require surgery through physical and occupational therapy.


Hand and shoulder surgeons will either require you to undergo a surgery or not based on the following circumstances:


  • Wrist pain – May be caused by a sprain and fracture due to sudden movement, but it can also be caused by overuse and sudden impacts on the hand. If the wrist pain is only minor, medications or therapy will be your doctor’s recommendation. However, surgery may be required to repair ligaments or tendons, and to stabilize bone fractures.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – A condition that causes tingling, numbness, and pain in the arm and hand. When diagnosed at an early stage, doctors can treat carpal tunnel syndrome by splinting, bracing, medication, or change of activities. Surgery is only required when it’s severe.
  • Rotator Cuff Tear – The rotator cuff are the muscles and tendons that keep your arm where it should be. A tear in the rotator cuff may be commonly caused by overuse or hard impact from a fall. When pain is manageable, surgeons usually recommend rest, steroid injections, physical therapy, or activity modification before recommending surgery. Surgical treatment is only performed when the pain has lasted for 6-12 months, and the shoulder’s loss of function or the tear is significantly large.
  1. They Will Ask Many Questions Before Surgery

As part of their standard procedure, there should be a lot of questions to be asked whenever you decide to seek the help of a surgeon. These questions are required so they can learn and understand the following information about you:

  • Medical background and overall health status.
  • Allergic reactions to some drugs, so that they can be aware of the medications that should not be used during the operation. For instance, some patients are allergic to anesthesia, which is necessary during operations.
  • Vices like drug use, tobacco use or alcohol consumption to better assess your overall health status and if you are physically capable of undergoing surgery. It will also help prevent any problems during the surgical procedure.
  • Causes of your hand or shoulder injury, including details about the symptoms that you’ve felt over time.
  • Length of injury or pain from the first time you’ve felt or experienced such trauma.
  1. They Will Discuss the Cost of Surgery or Treatment

The cost of the treatment or surgery has many factors affecting it, that’s why it doesn’t have a constant amount. The cost of your operation depends on your injury, and some injuries are more expensive than others. For example, a fracture may be more costly than a sprain. It also depends on the surgeon’s consultation fee, as a surgeon can charge between 100 USD to 500 USD.

And whenever you are to undergo surgery, it requires you to spend the night in the hospital, which means more fees from around 15,000USD to 30,000USD. The cost of hand and shoulder surgery varies on different aspects, but one thing is for sure: it does not come at a low price.

  1. They Will Display the Characteristics of A Good Surgeon

When you’re dealing with a hand and shoulder injury, it’s essential that you choose the right surgeon. By personally consulting them, you can decide whether they’re the right ones or not. Unconsciously or not, surgeons will exhibit characteristics that can give you a clue whether you’re faced with a good surgeon. Here are two tips you can use to gauge whether you’re talking with a good surgeon:

  • Surgeon’s Recommendation: Even before conducting tests, if the surgeon requires you to undergo a surgery, then consider it a red flag. Good surgeons must conduct screening tests and other necessary lab tests before they can recommend you such treatment.
  • Professionalism: You can know that a surgeon is a professional when they deal with you with respect. During a consultation, they must provide you with detailed information about your injury and possible treatment. Whether you’ve learned about it or not, they must explain it to you in a manner that you understand.


Now that you know what to expect from hand and shoulder surgeons in Buffalo, New York, you are now ready to seek help from them. Whomever you choose, make sure that you tell them honestly about how your body feels with the injury. This way, they can give an accurate diagnosis and recommendation to cure your hand or shoulder injury.