What To Know About HCG Weight Loss

Weight loss is hard work and we all know that. Every day we hear about some new weight loss method that is going to easily improve our weight, but most of them seem to fall well short of our expectations. With the multitude myths in the weight loss industry and everyone having different body types, it is difficult to know what to believe.

If you have looked into any of the recent weight loss trends, you probably know about HCG and its benefits. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is what HCG stands for and it is a naturally produced hormone that has an affect on metabolic functions. Many pregnant women produce large amount of HCG to release fat stores that provide nourishment for their child.

Like increasing any naturally produced hormone, you need to take proper care in order to reduce the chance of risks. Having a doctor oversee your use of the treatment is recommended as many people who self-medicate are more likely to run into future problems with their health.

Experts in HCG will tell you that there are great benefits to be had from HCG, but also that risks also occur. Dr. Madeb, a licensed doctor and owner of Vitalize Medical Center, located in Rochester, NY, has helped people from all over the country develop and implement an HCG treatment program that has provided great results. Even though this product has shown its potential in weight loss treatment, Dr. Madeb insists that the proper care and planning from a licensed professional is highly recommended.

“HCG is an extremely effective treatment method that a lot of people have been very successful with,” explained Dr. Madeb.  “With the proper treatment, men and women who are significantly overweight can make significant strides in regaining control of their body weight.”

There a variety of ways in which HCG can be taken. Daily injections and oral drops are two ways of taking HCG and have the ability to show results in just a few weeks. As it was mentioned above, getting advice from a licensed professional is important because we all have different bodies that will need to be treated with different dosages. A doctor will be able to help you find the perfect dosage for yourself while you continue your weight loss in a safe manner.

“Each body is different,” explained Dr. Madeb. “It’s important to choose an appropriate dosage to maximize effectiveness without putting any unnecessary amount of additional hormones into the body.”

Clients will also start maintaining better eating habits after the treatments have begun to promote better results. This diet will allow each person to continue long-term weight loss while establishing these habits as part of a routine. The success that people experience can also be contributed to the healthy habits learned while on an HCG diet.

There are opponents of HCG weight loss and many of them like to note how dangerous it is to lose weight quickly and focus on the restrictive nature of a low caloric intake. When taking HCG, you will need to exclude certain foods from your diet. Another thing that can occur when taking HCG is immunity, so having a doctor help with your weight loss will benefit you in this area as well.

Like most medicine and weight loss programs, side effects can occur because we all are very different. Some common side effects with HCG are breast enlargement, irritability, headache, depression, water weight, hair thinning, nausea, and diarrhea. Again, we cannot stress the importance of having someone like Dr. Madeb watch over your weight loss when using a product like HCG.