Five Tips To Recover Quickly From a Sports Injury

Since athletes put their muscles under a lot of stress throughout their numerous workouts, they are vulnerable to developing sports injuries. Recovering from these injuries can take a long time; however, follow these five tips to speed up the process and get back to playing.

Take it easy

It is essential that you are proactive about treating a sports injury as soon as symptoms start to appear. Whenever you feel a muscle pop or a bone crack, immediately stop what you are doing and take precautionary measures. Ignoring the pain and pushing through may result in the injury becoming much worse. Take a break to let the injury recover for a few days or weeks, depending on the injury. The less stress that you put the injury through, the faster it will heal.

Alternate ice and heat

Immediately after you suffer an injury, you need to apply ice to the area. Any swelling and inflammation will be reduced significantly. It is recommended that you use a cold compress, instead of ice, so you can avoid the puddled mess afterwards. Then, switch the cold pack for a hot pack. This will ease pain and allow the muscle to relax. Keep the area elevated with a stack of pillows or books too.

Use athletic tape

Athletic tape with ion health technology will help to provide the necessary support and stability for your achy muscles, joints, and tendons. Unlike traditional braces and bandages, the tape will not limit your range of motion because of its flexibility. The tape will help reduce the pain of your movements and prevent further injury from occurring.

Eat more protein

It is no secret that protein is a nutrient in food that is vital for our bodies. If your body is lacking in protein after an injury, it will not be able to repair the damaged tissue as quickly. Having low levels of protein actually increases your chance of sports injuries to begin with! Therefore, increasing the amount of protein intake in your diet is a sure way to speed up your recovery.

Return to lighter exercise

Light exercise is one of the best ways to help strengthen an injured muscle. Being injured is not a good excuse for lounging around the house all day for weeks. Build up your muscle by joining in physical rehabilitation exercises, or head to a pool for a swim. These exercises are excellent for regaining strength without straining the injury.

An injury can limit what you are able to do in the gym or on the field, but there is no reason to give up your game. Try out these tips to help you bounce back stronger than ever!