Where To Find Allergens And Toxins In Your Home

Unless you’re a clean-a-holic and a stickler when it comes to moving things around in your home when it comes time to do the cleaning, there are lots of places in your home where allergens and toxins could be hiding. However, you don’t have to just live with them.

When you know the places where the grossest things hide you will know where to spend a little extra time cleaning each week or each month. A buildup of dust and mold in your home could be toxic to family members that already suffer from allergies and asthma, and could actually instigate these illnesses in those that don’t already have them.

In Walls And Windows

There could be allergens in your windows, walls, and even your ceiling. If you’ve had a roof leak or a window leak that water could have bred some mold spores and that mold could be making your family sick.

The first step is to fix the issue with the leak, whether it’s a broken window that needs to be replaced or some missing shingles on your roof. Once you’ve fixed the problem area it is time to determine what kind of damage there has been. You can buy mold testing kits, or have a professional come in, to test your home for different types of mold, including that nasty black mold. Once it’s found you can deal with it.

Under Sinks And Tubs

Speaking of water leaks that could be causing mold in your home, you should also check in any areas with sinks and pipes. If it has been awhile since you looked under the bathroom or kitchen sink you may be shocked at what you find. Again, fix the leak, then do some cleaning, with bleach, to help kill the mold.

Hidden Under And Behind Furniture

From dust to pet hair, there can be all sorts of allergens hidden under the bed, behind the dresser, and even inside the couch. Do a thorough home cleaning at least once a month where you move everything out of place and vacuum under it and dust around it. That includes removing the couch cushions and vacuuming it.

You should also do this in the kitchen since food pieces of all kinds can end up under and behind your refrigerator and your stove. Cleaning this up will not only keep the air you breathe cleaner but it will help keep rodents out of the house as well.

In And Under The Rug

Actually, you probably don’t want to know what gross things are hiding inside the rug on your home’s floors. You may be afraid to even walk on it, and appalled to let your children play on it. While you may think the only answer is to pull the whole thing up and replace it, you could simply get it professionally steam cleaned, which will remove all those allergens from your home.