How To Raise Your Testosterone Levels As You Age

As you age there are important reason to educate yourself on how you can raise your own testosterone levels quickly. And one of the most important is that it helps maintain proper body functions. Testosterone is a premier hormone for men and women throughout their lives, but not enough of it is manufactured without some outside help. The decline in men begins at age thirty, and after that testosterone loss can be as much as 2 percent per year.

This translates as forty percent less testosterone for a fifty year old man than what he had at thirty years of age. Women also see a definite decline in levels as well. This is especially true during menopause; the ovaries are slower in producing testosterone as well as estrogen and progesterone.

Since testosterone is crucial for the bones, metabolism, sexual health and functions, muscles, red blood cell production, heart health, energy, cognitive functions, and mood, knowing how to raise your testosterone level fast in situations when Low T is present is crucial. The body needs testosterone throughout life. There is no doubt about it. That is why it is a cruel twist of fate when the body does not keep up with demand.

Testosterone is vital to bone structure, sexual function, red blood cell reproduction, mental functions, mood stability, and metabolism. So the ability to raise your T level fast when low levels threaten your well-being is important. When the body begins to cut back on the production of testosterone, you have to intervene. And you can! Here are some ways of boosting testosterone levels:

Medical therapy

This is quick and easy. Hormone replacement done by a medical professional is fast and completely safe, using chemical supplements that boost testosterone in a matter of minutes. Women will be given a bioidentical testosterone ointment or cream to use. For men, testosterone cypionate injections are the preferred method. Patches, gels, and oral pellets are also used when injections are contraindicated.

Mineral supplements

These include, but are not limited to:





And also herbal supplements such as:




And Vitamin D is also helpful in boosting testosterone quickly.

A change in diet

Start adding watermelon and raisins to your diet to boost testosterone production.

Switch to using strictly avocado or coconut oils in your cooking.

Seafood is an excellent way to beef up your testosterone levels; start enjoying shellfish and salmon more often!

Mushrooms, beans, and spinach will also help bring up testosterone levels. Always make sure you are cooking and eating non-GMO veggies that are organically grown. You’ll be amazed at how much better they taste, and how well they help boost your T levels.


Physical exercise does not really add testosterone hormone so much as prevent T levels from dropping as you age. A routine of jogging, swimming, or workouts at a gym will keep those T levels up there.

8 hours

The same holds true for healthy sleep patterns — they keep your testosterone levels in the higher brackets where they belong. So strive to get eight hours of sleep each night, and avoid overstimulation just before going to sleep.

In order to find out where your testosterone levels are right now, and where they should be, you should have blood work done by a licensed and certified HRT specialist. A specialist can advise you on what supplements to take, if any, and what hormone boosting program works best for you as an individual.

The hormone specialist will analyze your blood test and physical exam results and take a close look at your medical history and current symptoms to create the best plan to raise your testosterone levels fast. If you would like to learn more or have questions to ask, please contact National HRT for a confidential consultation with a hormone specialist at no charge. We are here to help.

A hormone specialist can tell you, after a blood analysis, how to go about bringing up T levels in a fast and safe manner. It’s always important to remember that some medications may interfere with the uptake of testosterone. Remember that you can contact a national HRT specialist with your questions and concerns at no initial charge.