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Which Countries Can You Use Cannabis For Medicinal Use

Cannabis as a medicinal and recreational drug has come a long way. From what was then an illicit substance to now a legally pharmaceutical drug used to help cancer patients, countries worldwide are realizing the potential use of cannabis in the field of health science. 

That being said, as more nations embrace marijuana’s medical benefits, so can more people dependent on medical marijuana enjoy traveling to different parts of the world worry-free.  

Nations Supporting Cannabis For Medical Purposes 

Besides the United States, major countries have taken significant steps toward the legalization of medical cannabis. Although most of the countries listed below still deem large possession, selling, and cultivating marijuana to be illegal, decriminalizing its therapeutic use is a step in the right direction. Click to see more information about cannabis types and benefits. 

So, if you’re planning to take a trip abroad, here’s a list of countries where medicinal marijuana is allowed: 

  • Asia 
    • South Korea 

South Korea is one of the first Asian countries to legalize medicinal marijuana, in November 2018. The changes in the country’s Narcotics Control Act allowed patients with epilepsy and other rare diseases to purchase cannabis for medical purposes. 

  • Thailand 

Besides Korea, Thailand is also one of the few countries in Asia to embrace the health benefits of cannabis by legalizing it. However, production and sale are strictly regulated by the government. 

  • Europe 
    • Belgium 

In Belgium, the sale and transportation of marijuana are considered illegal. However, the government allows adults to carry not more than three grams of cannabis. And, for those wanting to grow their supply, only a maximum of one cannabis plant can be grown on a privately-owned property. 

  • Croatia 

In 2015, The Croatian Ministry of Health legally recognized cannabis as a medicinal drug to help aid patients with cancer, multiple sclerosis, and AIDS. 

  • Czech Republic 

Medical use of cannabis and its derivatives has been legal in the Czech Republic since 2013 

  • Italy 

The Italian government has allowed the selling of medical marijuana for those with a doctor’s prescription since 2013. 

  • Portugal 

Way back in 2001, the Portuguese government has decriminalized all drug use, including cannabis. Patients can buy medicinal cannabis from pharmacies, provided they show a doctor’s prescription. 

  • Romania 

In Romania, doctors can prescribe marijuana derivatives to help patients alleviate the pain they experience from illnesses like cancer, multiple sclerosis, and AIDS. 

  • Spain 

For the most part, medical marijuana is legal in Spain. However, recreational marijuana is still being debated by political parties, whether officials should legalize it or not. 

  • The Netherlands 

Medicinal marijuana is legal in the Netherlands and is exclusively sold in pharmacies. The media portrays the Netherlands to be a haven for recreational cannabis use. Although there is truth in that since recreational marijuana is legal, but consuming, selling, and buying are strictly regulated to licensed premises, like coffeeshops. 

  • Central And South America 
    • Belize 

In Belize, a person can’t have more than 10 grams of cannabis in their possession, only to be used when they’re on private property. 

  • Costa Rica 

The Costa Rican government allows the possession of CBD oil and small amounts of cannabis for personal use. 

  • Ecuador 

Like Belize, possession of under 10 grams of marijuana for recreational or medical use is legal in Ecuador. However, do note that cultivation and sale remain illegal.  

  • Mexico 

In 2017, the Mexican government legalized particular medical marijuana and cannabis derivatives, like CBD oil and pills. 

  • Uruguay 

Although the government strictly regulates the production and distribution of cannabis, both recreational and medical marijuana are legal in Uruguay. But, consumers must register first before they can purchase cannabis sold in pharmacies and dispensaries. 

Medical Benefits Of Cannabis Thanks to modern science, cannabis has gained a positive reputation in the medical field. Medicinal marijuana is known to help reduce anxiety and inflammation, as well as treat chronic and neuropathic pains. With these benefits, there’s no wonder why countries worldwide are starting to see the potential of cannabis in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.