Why is Salvia Divinorum worth trying

Salvia Divinorum, the most popular and intense psychoactive drug available, is a must-try for people seeking a fulfilling experience and is definitely not a thing for amateurs. In this article, we will give you a brief overview of this magic herb also called “sage of diviners”.

Ancient usage

The herb has been widely used by ancient Mazatec’s cultivated in the remote mountainous terrain of Mexico. These people mainly used this for their religious and spiritual ceremonies. Some say that they helped them detach from your former self and connect with the divine. People have reported of having divine visions and connections with the other realm under the effects of the drug.

The western world became known about this plant much later owing to the research conducted by Daniel Siebert in the 90s. The ancient world, however, is said to have possessed the knowledge for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Stages of Effects of Salvia Divinorum

Salvia Divinorum is said to cause hallucinatory effects. People tend to conjure memories or have strange illusions, much estranged from reality. Depending on the amount and the duration of consumption, the stages of the influence of the drugs can be determined as follows:

  • Subtle Effects: The very first stage, people show mild, hardly noticeable symptoms. People tend to be extremely thoughtful, focused and relaxed.
  • Altered Perception: The next stage much similar to how people might behave under the influence of cannabis. They may have a higher sensitivity to light and music. Many people tend to forget their actions at this stage.
  • Light visionary state: Start of the hallucinations. People may see patterns and resonating sounds of varied tones. They are, however, still conscious of themselves and their surroundings.
  • Vivid visionary state: The next one consisting of profound hallucinations. The effects would be longer and more long-lasting. This is the stage that most consumers wish to achieve when under the impact of the herb.
  • Immaterial Existence: Hallucinations become more intense. People tend to have deep conversations with immaterial beings. They feel trippy, though conscious of their surroundings. Reality seems distant at this state.
  • Amnesic Effects: The final stage wherein a person is not conscious of their selves. More often than not, people will not remember their thoughts and actions after the effects have worn out. It is very risky as such profound and long-lasting influences could cause psychological problems.

Where to get it from

The easiest possible way to obtain a constant supply of Salvia Divinorum is to grow it. Cultivating the plant does require adequate care but is no rocket science. A host of online retailers could provide it at your doorstep with assured quality and affordable prices. Sweet Seeds is one such popular Spanish online retail store from where you can buy your plant seeds. Their website contains a detailed guide as to how to grow your plant and which type of seeds would suit you best.