Which countries have the healthiest diets?

When it comes to healthy eating, Europe has always been at the top of the list. Their approach to eating and drinking has created a lot of interest and has worked to inspire other parts of the world to mimic their approach to food in a bit to improve their health. Here is our insight into some of the healthiest parts of Europe and the world based on their gastronomical delights!


The Netherlands is definitely up there when it comes to being a healthy nation. Their diet encompasses tasty treats such as Gouda cheese, rye breads and Groningen sausages which are all made from the very best ingredients that are free of processed junk. The country also has one of the lowest rates of diabetes in the world, alongside produce being highly affordable. There is certainly a lot of emphasis on nutrition and eating for not only the taste of a food but also looking at how it will fuel your body successfully.


If you haven’t already heard about it, the Paleo way of eating has become one of the latest trends when it comes to keeping our bodies as healthy as possible based on what we put inside them. Paleo eating habits refer to a way of eating that is similar to that which our ancestors consumed thousands of years ago. Ireland is one country that has remained true to their roots and its people known for eating healthy, seasonal and nutritional meals that are very much in line with what a Paleo diet consists of.


Few people can contest that France is one of the finest foodie destinations in the world, let alone Europe. The French expertly combine high quality dishes such as coq au vin, foie gras and combine them with exceptional wines which all contribute to their healthy lifestyle. Their diverse range of flavours and ingredients means that not only do the French stay healthy, but they are also eating a variety of tasty and exciting dishes too.


While some may contest that Italy’s carb-heavy dishes are not the obvious candidate when it comes to offering a healthy diet, if you eat them the way that Italians do, the certainly can be! In Italy, meals typically consist of two small courses- primo which is made up of a small amount of pasta and secondo, which is protein and vegetables. An Italian’s diet is also rich with olive oil which offers healthy monounsaturated fats that benefit in the wellbeing and running of the body.


In Sweden you will find that alongside eating lean meats and fresh produce, people tend to eat their dishes with a side of Lingonberries which are known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

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