Why Carpet Cleaning Can Improve Your Health

Regular carpet cleaning can significantly improve your home appearance as well as extending your carpet service life. However, the most significant benefit from the carpet cleaning process is enhancing your family’s health. According to research done by the American Lung Association, if some individuals in your household are suffering from breathing conditions such as asthma and snoring.

Below are some of the benefits of carpet cleaning for a heather home.

1.  Carpet cleaning prevents mold growth

High humidity especially during the winter season, dirty carpet are likely to be at great risk of developing molds and growth when there is moisture present. During precipitous weather conditions, these are a high possibility of moisture getting tracked in your home and thereby sinking deep in your carpet fibers especially when vacuuming is not done immediately. Since professional carpet cleaners and vacuuming have high powered cleaning and drying tools that dries moisture completely it ensure that all favorable conditions for the mold growth are inhibited. It is because once moisture is eliminated, mold growth is also prevented which wound prove dangerous for your family health.

2.  Ensures better air quality flow

Carpet if not vacuumed and cleaned regularly are likely to hold lots of stinky smell, bacteria, dust among other harmful particles. The process of regularly cleaning your carpet and keeping it dry can lead to better flow of quality air in all corners of your house. Some of the risk factors resulting from toxins, dirt, and allergens are allergies, asthma, and hay fever among others, agreed Worthing carpet shop

3.  Carpet cleaning can significantly reduce your stress

Professional cleaners will ensure real deep with shampoo wash to ensure that you stay in an air dirt risk-free condition thus reducing your stress on the same condition. It ensures that all your tension is washed away by ensuring that no shoddy work such as mere dusting or DE clutter which would otherwise worsen the existing condition.

4.  Cleaning out all dust mites

Dust mites are common infestations in many homes and they are commonly mistaken with allergens since they usually leave behind body fragments and feces. Since dust mites are usually microscopic creatures, most people are not aware of them and therefore they, in turn, infect any person who comes in contact with them. Professional carpet cleaning means steaming carpet at very high temperatures thus exposing the entire carpet to high temperatures where dust mites can’t thrive or survive. 

5.  Carpet cleaning can do away with all trapped pollutants

A dirty carpet is likely to retain several indoor air pollutants according to research done by the Environmental Protection Agency such as the cockroach, lead, dander, particles pollution among other dust particles. These toxic gases are likely to contaminate the air in your home through everyday activities such as walking and vacuuming. Professional carpet cleaners ensure that all these bacterial gets killed by using special shampoo formulas and using high powered cleaning tools.

It is therefore very important to have your carpet get regularly vacuumed and cleaned at least three days in a week to ensure there is no dust present on the carpet that would otherwise interfere with your family breathing condition.

Source: https://www.carpetcleaningsingapore.com