Can A Cleaner Home Improve Your Health?

Does it then matter if you let your house slip in the dirt? Yes, actually there is a scientifically proven health benefit of staying in a clean home as a family. On the other hand, these are negative impacts of letting your home stay disorganized or get dirty such as affecting your physical and mental wellbeing. Below are some of the reasons as to why you should keep your home clean and tidy.

A clean home makes you feel less stressed.

Mental clutter can be associated with visual clutter according to a study done in 2010 about Social Psychology and Personality. Bulletin showed that most women residing in messier homes have higher chances of cortisol as compared to those who reside in clean houses. It means that stress levels can be linked to your space hygiene. Keeping your in order and tidy can, therefore, help you manage your day to day stress significantly. We can benefit from helpful ways of reducing stress, especially in our ever-busy lives.

You become more active in your life.

It may seem simple but it is absolutely true. Regular house cleaning enables your brain to keep thinking better and moving. Sure house cleaning enables your muscles to exercise and this improves your mental and physical health. It is better to keep your body physically involved than just sitting down throughout the day on a couch. House cleaning means that your body is in some sort of movement thus burning excess calories in your body for a healthier living.

House cleaning can make you more productive. 

When your room is well organized you can easily find something that is not at its right position and therefore rectify the mess unlike when the whole room is disorganized. You mind functions better and finds it easier to get things done from the interesting visual stimuli which lead to attention attraction of your mind.

House cleaning can lead to better eating healthier diets.

Clutter and messiness can greatly affect your body feelings such as stress which in turn leads to a high craving for junk food. When our bodies are stressed they are likely to respond by demanding more energy to compensate for the lost energy. House cleaning means eliminating all the ugly looking dirt thus making your mind feel relaxed and calm which means that you can choose healthy foods. A study published in 2013 indicated that people working in well-organized spaces are two times better to choose a fruit like an apple over high calories snacks like chocolate compared to those working in a messy space. 

House cleaning can enable you to sleep better.

It is easier to fall asleep when you are in a clean environment since no leftover tasks are nagging and working at your mind. When your house is clean you put your mind in a comfortable state to attract sleep unlike when you sport a dos task that might distract your mind by turning on the thinking gear. For instance, the National Sleep Foundation study shows that making your bed every morning can significantly increase the chances of getting better night rest by over 20 percent.

You seldom get sick. A clean house leaves little chances of bacteria and germs developing or hiding in your carpeting. For instance, allergens and dust can contribute to worsening of breathing problems and therefore for your family health, regular house cleaning is very crucial.

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