Caring mother and dad supporting sad teen son sitting on bench in park, crisis

Why Exercise is Important for Children

With children being stuck inside for longer periods of time, thanks to the pandemic, parents must find ways to encourage children to stay active. With obesity being the largest disease in America, guardians have to look out for their children’s well being. Moms like Rachel Harow play with her children in the backyard for a few hours a day. Of course, the climate is a deciding factor on whether playing outside is appropriate, but there are many other ways to stay in shape. 

With YouTube being one of the biggest platforms on the internet, many health experts have taken it upon themselves to record their workouts. They are customizable for high or low impact and can be a fun activity to accomplish with children. Make sure that they are getting enough water and healthy foods, along with their workout. Overall, kids burn calories a lot easier than adults. There are more benefits to going outside than most reaLize. Video games are great, but they are virtual reality and don’t provide oxygen to the brain. That’s why Rachel Harow makes fun games for her children to participate outdoors so that they can rest from devices.