Why Replacement Lenses Could be the Right Choice For You

If you wear glasses, you know how expensive a new pair can be. Most people need a replacement pair of glasses every 1-3 years, and with a typical pair running over $150, eyeglass wearers can expect to spend a lot of money for their essential eyewear. But did you know there is another, cheaper way to replace your glasses?

Replacement lenses are a new option for people who need a new pair of glasses but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars. Glasses need to be replaced for all sorts of reasons from scratches, to overall wear and tear, but that shouldn’t mean you have to pay for a whole new pair every time. Replacement lenses can be fitted into your current frames to ensure you keep your preferred style without the price tag!

One of the benefits of replacement lenses is that they come in all sorts of styles to ensure the best quality of vision for all customers’ needs. Consumers can choose from single, bifocal, or even trifocal lenses, progressive  lenses that help with distortion, or even high index lenses for those with stronger prescriptions.

Lenses can also be made from different coatings that provide additional benefits. Polycarbonate lenses are shatterproof and naturally UV blocking, plastic lenses provide high optical clarity, and so much more!

If you are ready to ditch the high prices of yearly glasses replacements, you should try replacement lenses. With so many low cost options, you are guaranteed to find the lenses that fit your needs best.

The World of Replacement Lenses
Source: LensFactory