Why Should I Visit a Chiropractor for My Whiplash?

Whiplash, an injury to the upper spine, is not something to joke about. So many people call it a neck injury since it’s characterized by neck discomforts. It can be also be characterized by headaches, shoulder pain, upper back pain, and numbness. For some people, the condition is complicated by symptoms like dizziness, distorted vision, and nausea. In most cases, these symptoms go unnoticed.

The problem with this, however, is that you may start experiencing the symptoms later when the damage is already extensive. Therefore, it’s important to first go for a check if you have been involved in an auto accident or sports accident. You should also consider seeing a professional if you suffer an injury to the neck area on the job. One expert you should contemplate seeing is a chiropractor.

But, do you have to see this expert? You may argue that you could easily use pain medications because your condition is not serious and so the pain will go away with time. You may also argue that all you need is surgery and you’ll be good once you recover. We talked to Demaine Auto Accident Chiropractor Charlotte on why it’s important to see a chiropractor. Here are the reasons that were given:

  • Comprehensive Evaluation

When suspecting whiplash, a chiropractor doesn’t just commence the treatment. The expert has to run a full diagnosis. This means observing all other parts related to your spine besides the neck. So, you’ll have your head, shoulder bones, back, and hip bones examined. The diagnosis is done both by physical means (observation and touching) and imaging solutions (x-rays and MRI).

  • Fix the Primary Problem

Non-chiropractic approaches generally treat whiplash symptoms as they don’t look at the source of the problem: the spine. For this reason, whiplash symptoms are likely to recur at some point. This is where chiropractic treatment is by far a better solution. It involves exerting gentle and calculated force to the misaligned spine area in order to realign it. We actually use the term subluxation for spinal misalignment. Once the subluxations are treated, the symptoms will fade.

  • Natural Solution

Unlike surgery, chiropractic treatment is not invasive even though spinal adjustments are felt by your spine. So, you don’t need to worry about hospitalization costs or the fear of anesthesia and scars later. It’s just your spine that is manipulated and the manipulation is done by hand. And unlike medications, chiropractic adjustments do not have known serious side effects that you should worry about. The healing happens naturally once the immune system is stimulated by the adjustments. This is one of the major reasons why chiropractic treatment is popular globally.

  • Enhanced Motion

Whiplash normally restricts motion in your neck region. The muscles become too stiff and the joints inflexible. So, your range of motion is vastly affected. The good news is that you can enhance it with spinal adjustments. It’s almost immediately restored, which means that you can start turning your head without feeling pain or resistance.

  • Lawyer Linkage

Lastly, one non-therapeutic benefit of seeing a chiropractor after whiplash is the opportunity to be connected with the right legal expert. Most chiropractors have networks with the best personal injury lawyers. So, if your case requires filing an injury claim and asking compensation, a chiropractor may link you to the correct attorney for either legal counsel or representation.


For so long, research has shown that chiropractic treatment is great not only for whiplash but all complications that affect the spine. As we have seen, there are many benefits attached to seeing a chiropractor. So, there’s no need for wasting time or cash pondering on what to do following an upper spine injury. You already know the answer.