Why Start a Health-Based Business

The health and wellness industry made over $160 million last year and is expected to make more than $170 million in 2018. Between hospital stays and medical expenses, as well as things like weight loss programs and detox products, people spend a lot of money on maintaining or regaining their health, and products and services that claim they will help people achieve their ultimate health goals.

As people have become more aware of their health and how to take care of themselves, businesses have been popping up everywhere, meeting the needs of the market and offering new solutions to old problems. So, if you have a passion for health and want to make a difference, then why not start a health-based business of your own?

Top Reasons to Get into the Health Industry

There’s money to be made. Many people get into the health industry because they want to help others and make a difference. That doesn’t mean that they can’t make money, though. Being a multimillion-dollar industry, there’s a lot of room in the space to start a business and make good money while helping others with their health.

You have the opportunity to educate. Although people are savvier than ever about their health and what they need to do to maintain it, there’s still a lot who don’t know or who are misled by the phony products out there that promise instant results. When you start a business in the health space, you have the chance to educate your target audience on their health, what works and what doesn’t, and what they need to watch.

You can make a difference in people’s lives. Whether you become a dropshipping supplier who delivers medical supplies, offer services as a personal trainer, become a traveling pediatric nurse, or do anything else in the health space, you have the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, and that difference is bigger than you might think. Although you may feel like your business or service is small, it will have a big impact on those you help.

There are still needs that need to be met. Although many entrepreneurs are starting companies in the health space to meet the needs of consumers, there are still quite a few needs that need to be met, issues that need to be addressed, and changes that need to be made. For example, medical supplies are not always available or affordable to those who need them. So, if you have a way to change that and meet those or other unmet needs, then it’s important that you get your business started ASAP.

You can be creative. When people think of the health and wellness industry, they usually think about medical offices, hospitals, pharmacies, and insurance. There’s so much more opportunity for creativity in the space, though. Health extends beyond treatment of existing conditions—it can be preventative measures, weight loss, skin care, support groups, mental health resources, and so much more—there are plenty of opportunities to be creative in the health space.

Health-Based Businesses You Can Start

If you’re passionate about health and entrepreneurship, then here are just a few unique ideas on how you can combine the two and start a health-based business that will change the lives of those around you:

Nutrition – Many people are working to eat more healthily, but still struggle to get the nutrition that they need. Whether you studied nutrition in school or have a passion for eating well and are interested in becoming a certified nutritionist, then launching your own nutrition consulting business is a great option. You can offer two services in one by preparing personal meals for each of your clients or running a blog on which you share tips for eating better. Either way, starting a health-based business that focuses on nutrition is a great way to get involved.

Rehabilitation – Preventative measures don’t always work as they need to, or sometimes people may not take action soon enough. Whether people are in need of physical rehabilitation or rehabilitation from drugs and other addictions, opening an addiction treatment facility or drug rehab program where people can turn to get the help and support they need is a great way to get involved in the health industry. If you aren’t going to be practicing as a counselor or physical therapist, you don’t necessarily need a specific degree or certification to get started.

Emotional Support – Everyone knows that health extends beyond physical fitness and wellbeing, yet many people seem to easily forget to give their brain and emotions the attention and support they need while taking care of their body too. Even if you’re not a licensed counselor, you can get into the health space and offer emotional support by starting a business that creates and hosts support groups or provides people seeking help with the resources, and even financing, they need to get the attention that they seek.

Final Thoughts

There are hundreds of other businesses that you can start in the health industry in addition to those named above. If you have a passion for health, then it’s important that you get involved. While your idea may not seem consequential to you, you have no idea what a difference it will make to those whose lives you help and touch later on.


What kind of health-based business do you plan to start?