Why You Should Get a Full Body MOT

We are very good at looking after others, caring for our house, and our car, but we often forget to look within. A full body MOT is a health check that can look at each part of your body from the inside, determining anything that needs to be looked at. Below we look at why you should get a full body MOT, and how to get one.

What Does a Full Body MOT Consist Of?

A full body MOT is exactly what it sounds like. A health check for the whole body, which can protect your health and look for anything that may affect your health in the future. In relation to bodies, MOT stands for measurement, observation, and tests. This means a full body MOT can include heart and brain scans, blood tests, and tests for common illnesses such as heart or liver disease.

Often, some of the leading causes of premature death, such as strokes, heart attacks, or cancers, are not detected until you have symptoms. For many people, symptoms won’t occur until the condition or illness has worsened. With a full body MOT, you can catch anything that may cause harm in the future and get medical help, preventing many causes of premature death. After your results, you can also get helpful advice on how to better care for any parts of your body that need it.

Benefits of a Full Body MOT

There are many benefits of checking your health out from within, the most obvious benefit being that you can find problems early, meaning early intervention is possible. For health concerns such as heart disease, early intervention is a key part in saving lives. If you have a family history of any health problems, a full body MOT can check these areas too, to give you peace of mind.

Another benefit is to relieve stress and anxieties you have about your own health. If you feel as though your health isn’t where it should be, having a full body analysis can help to see where you could improve and what areas of your body need attention. This could be through strengthening exercises, changing your diet, or quitting smoking.

How to Get a Full Body MOT

The quickest way to get a full body MOT is with a private clinic. Whilst the NHS may offer annual health checks for some patients, these do not go as in depth. A private clinic provides a full check, even without symptoms.

Echelon offers a private health MOT which can be personalised to your health concerns and needs. Getting a full body MOT which checks everything is the best way to know exactly what is going on with your health. For more information on a private health MOT in London, check out Echelon’s website.

Our health is the most important thing to take care of, meaning we should be getting regular checks to see exactly what is going on. A full body MOT can give you answers and peace of mind when it comes to your health.