Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth

Anyone can lose teeth. In most cases, missing teeth arise from accidents which severely impact the face or mouth, or in other cases, maybe as a result of dental conditions such as gum disease. Whatever may have been the cause of your missing teeth, it is important that you visit experienced dentists like Dr. Jim Ellis DDS Dentist – Ogden for a solution. With the advancement in dental technology, there are several options which a patient can be presented as a form of restorative dentistry.

If you have lost a tooth or are dealing with missing teeth, chances are that this would have impacted your life in a number of ways, affecting how you eat, speak, and general appearance. As per croasdilldental.com , there are several benefits you stand to gain from replacing the missing teeth besides the aesthetic advantages.

Below Are Some Of The Things You Need To Know:

Why People Lose Teeth

There are many reasons
that could lead to the loss of a tooth or multiple teeth. While some people
lose their teeth because of age, others may have been involved in some form of
physical activity or accident. In the case of old age, the body becomes
weakened and as a result, the teeth, enamel, and jawbone also diminish in
strength leading the teeth to become more fragile and at some point fall off.

Other reasons for tooth loss may be attributed to decay, failure to properly take care of the teeth, gum disease and more. Periodontal diseases in some cases can lead to the loss of one or more teeth. If you have lost your teeth for any reason, it is recommended that you seek appropriate dental care and contact Tustin Smiles experts for a better advice on such situation.

The Importance Of Replacing Your Missing Teeth

One of the best ways for teeth replacement is through dental implants. Dental implants are relatively new to the dental world and they present patients with a permanent approach to restoring the lost teeth. Through dental implants, patients can enjoy a replacement that is similar in color and shape to other teeth. The dentists at Sleek Smile Studio have really good tools and equipment coupled with competitive and flexible pricing to help you replace your missing teeth. In addition, this replacement does not require extra attention in terms of maintenance and care.

Having lost one or
more of your teeth, it is critical that you speak to a dentist to better
understand your tooth replacement options. Below are some of the reasons why
you need to pay attention to getting a replacement for the missing teeth.

i. Digestion

The teeth play an important role when it comes to crushing food materials. When food is properly crushed, it creates a wider surface area for digestive enzymes to act on, thus aiding proper digestion. However, in the event a person has lost one or more of their teeth, chances are high that they may be unable to properly break down food items in their mouth before passing it down into the stomach.Dentists at smileworks.us suggest thatThis impacts the quality of digestion, extending the time taken to digest food materials because of its incomplete breakdown. Improper digestion can also lead to a wide range of other conditions including lowered nutrient uptake, reduced quality of health and a recurrent case of indigestion.ii. Speaking

The teeth are very instrumental in speaking. When a person has lost one or more of their teeth, chances are the person may be unable to speak or communicate properly. Taking into account that the teeth are used to offset certain words, the absence of one or more teeth may put a strain on the speech pattern of affected persons. A better way to approach this, however, is to book an appointment with dentist online at https://www.dnadentaldallas.com/ to get a restorative dental procedure done.

iii. Replacement Prevents Reabsorption

The body over time tends
to accommodate for the use or disuse of certain parts. Same goes for a lost
tooth. Over time, if such a person has failed to seek proper dental care
towards replacing their missing tooth or set of teeth, the jawline may
experience reabsorption. Experts reveal that the rate of reabsorption is no
less than 25 percent every single year. With the absence of teeth in the
affected areas, the calcium in such an area begins to leach, as the area is
believed to no longer be doing its job of supporting the teeth. In cases of
reabsorption, the general appearance of such a person may be affected as their
jawline will tend to shrink giving them a different look.

If you have indeed
suffered traumatic experiences which have led to the loss of one or more teeth,
or you have lost your teeth to diseases, seeing a dentist is one of the best
decisions to make as this may prevent the spread of such disease, combat the
pain and discomfort presented by the affected area, and improve your overall
dental health and hygiene.