Why You Should Use NuCalm for Your Next Dental Procedure

According to a recent study, 61 percent of people worldwide suffer from dental anxiety.

While you shouldn’t avoid the dentist forever, you can avoid your fear. NuCalm is a drug-free sedation option that uses cranial electrotherapy stimulation to relax your mind and body.

With NuCalm for dental treatments, you can visit the dentist without worrying your anxiety will take over. Here are five advantages of NuCalm to help you keep calm and relax on!

1. Toxin-Free

Many of us are health-conscience about what we put in our bodies. While sedation drugs are usually safe, our bodies still have to process these chemical compounds.

A sedation drug could also impact your sleep.

Instead, ask your dentist if you can use NuCalm as a healthier alternative. That way, you can save your liver and brain from the stress of processing these drugs. 

2. Avoid Anxiety

According to a Harvard study, 95 percent of patients said they would choose to use NuCalm again. NuCalm sends our bodies into a relaxed state. It’s similar to the sensation we experience right before sleep.

This relaxation is also similar to a meditative state when we release all stress and anxiety from our minds.

One of the main advantages of NuCalm is its ability to help us relax and avoid our anxiety. It also helps patients lose track of time.

That way, you won’t be paralyzed by fear or feel the need to avoid dental appointments due to your anxiety.

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3. Get Energized

Using NuCalm also resets our body’s sleep system. Instead of feeling groggy and drugged out from sedatives, NuCalm lets you go about your day unaffected. 

That way, you have the energy to go back to work or handle family activities. NuCalm will help rejuvenate your energy for the day ahead. 

4. Keep Control

Anxiety can make it difficult for us to complete normal, day-to-day activities. This can make us feel powerless and paralyzed.

With NuCalm, you can conquer that fear and stay in control. Instead of feeling paralyzed by fear, you can put that fear on pause and get about your day.

That way, you can get through your dentist appointment without fear keeping you rooted in the doorway.

You can even drive home! Instead of sedation drugs, NuCalm is a much safer option—no groggy after-effects that would otherwise control the rest of our day.

5. Soothed Sleep

Once your body’s sleep system rests, you will feel naturally tired at the end of the day. Once your head meets that pillow, you can close your eyes and let your body get the rest it needs.

NuCalm helps you fall asleep faster and easier than you normally would. That way, you can avoid tossing and turning and get some proper sleep.

Keep Calm and Smile On: 5 Benefits of NuCalm

With these five benefits of NuCalm, you can conquer your anxiety! Relax through your next dental appointment and smile on.

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