Wicked Whiplash: What are the Most Common Car Accident Injuries?

As we all know, driving is one of the most dangerous things we do on a daily basis. To parents, handing keys over to children can be very scary and exciting. It is great to give them some autonomy and freedom, while it is also scary to think about them in a situation that can easily turn to life or death. Even more mature drivers are often concerned about potential injuries while on the road. This article will outline some of the most common injuries drivers sustain while on the road and how to properly treat them.

Neck Injuries
Neck injuries while on the road can be some of the most lethal types of car accidents. Neck injuries can result from even minor crashes at slow speeds, or from unusual driving behavior. Often drivers sustain neck injuries when they are hit from the rear by another car on the road. Neck injuries can cause paralysis or even death if they are not treated quickly.
Whiplash can also result, which can cause soreness and sometimes muscle damage.

Brain Injuries
Brain injuries are some of the most unfortunate but common injuries that drivers sustain while on the road. Usually, these injuries will result when drivers get in an accident that involves speeds over 20 mph. Modern safety systems such as airbags can often protect drivers from brain injuries. When drivers get a brain injury, they usually will not experience any symptoms for many minutes. Brain injuries work slowly, and eventually fill a victim’s skull with enough
blood to cause death. These injuries are why medical experts always recommends drivers go to the hospital after an accident, even if they feel fine. Drivers who are already at the hospital can be saved from the effects of brain injury if treated immediately.

Chest Injuries
Chest injuries can result from a wide range of crashes while on the road. Some drivers can experience broken ribs when the airbag deploys during a traumatic accident. Drivers can also experience cuts and bruises to their chest due to flying debris or even getting hit by other passengers. It is the widest part of the body and often the target of debris during a crash.

Foot or Leg Injuries
Since feet are contained in the areas near the brakes and accelerator, they can sometimes get crushed during side collisions. While not normally lethal, these injuries can be very painful. According to
Taylor and Blair Vancouver car accident lawyers, when a driver is hit from the side the other driver can be liable for damages related to these injuries.

By understanding some of the common accidents that can occur while on the road, drivers should be able to be safer and avoid some common safety issues. Make sure you are driving safe and protecting yourself while on the road.