You’re Using the Wrong Tooth Paste

Well, okay, I’m not entirely sure you’re using the wrong toothpaste, I’m just assuming based on the facts that most people are using the wrong toothpaste. A lot has been written lately on the internet about what scientists have been saying about the toothpastes the majority of us are using. There’s a lot wrong with them, but luckily there are companies out there who are dedicated to providing a healthy, natural alternative, utilising essential oil benefits and natural minerals.

Natural Oils, Botanical Extracts, Minerals

These are the things you need to be looking out for in your toothpaste. The combination of organic sesame oils, calcium montmorillonite clay (formed by mineral deposits on ancient sea floors), botanical extracts unite to do all the things you need toothpaste to do – and more (see below) – without polluting your mouth with junk and chemicals. These natural toothpastes clean the teeth using the clay, gets rid of plaque, and refreshes your breath naturally.

Oral Ecology

The reason for these natural flavourings and ingredients is because they help to support the micro-biological balance in your mouth, that’s found there naturally. It’s mainly the botanical extracts because they are 100% natural which fluoride and the rest of the rubbish in normal toothpastes can definitely not claim to be.

Not Just the Ingredients

As well as the above ingredients you should be looking out for, you also need to keep an eye on the supply chains. Chemicals can be harder to obtain and most ingredients in toothpaste is not going to be ethically sourced and won’t come from fair trade suppliers, which more natural toothpastes companies always strive to do.

The Chemicals

You may be thinking about what chemicals and junk I’m referring to and that you can only think of fluoride, well then there’s also glycerine (which is in anti-freeze) and sodium laureth sulphate (SLS) which is a skin irritant and has been linked to cancer, although there is no science to back that up yet. Toothpaste normally has dye in it and a harsh abrasive which is what gets the gunk from your teeth, however natural alternatives have shown that you can simply use the natural clay to get the same effect.

Effect on Small Children

There have been studies that claim a small child ingesting enough adult toothpaste could potentially die in a few small hours. If it doesn’t kill them then it could make them very ill or even paralyse them. This is mainly due to the fluoride. Have you ever wondered why children have their own special toothpaste brands? This is why.

So if the natural argument doesn’t work, then just think about the fact that you are rubbing a fatal (if taken in a high enough dose) chemical all over your teeth? As an adult you are very unlikely to die from fluoride poisoning unless you chug an entire tube or two, however small amounts of it – and the rest of the rubbish – will be being absorbed into your blood stream and stored in your organs and could cause issues later in life. It’s not really worth the risk.