10 of the Best Migraine Treatments That Don’t Involve Drugs

Few things make life as miserable as suffering from migraines. When a migraine strikes, the pain can be blinding and nearly unbearable.

There are many drugs on the market designed to reduce migraine pain, and some are more effective than offers. And yet many people would prefer to avoid taking medication when possible.

Fortunately, there are a number of natural treatments for head pain that don’t require taking medication at all. This article takes a look at some of the best migraine treatments that can help reduce head pain without putting drugs or chemicals in your body.

Keep reading to discover insight into migraine home remedies that can help you feel as good as possible without a prescription.

1. Eat a Healthy Diet

One of the best things you can do for your health is to eat the right kinds of foods. This is especially true when it comes to reducing the occurrence of migraines. 

Your body has specific needs, and the more you provide the proper nutrients, the better you will feel and the less likely you are to experience extreme head pain or other forms of physical discomfort.

It’s also wise to avoid alcohol and tobacco products as much as possible, as well as foods such as cheese and chocolate, which are common foods that are known to trigger migraines.

2. Meditate

In recent years, more and more people have begun to discover the healing power of meditation. This is a simple yet highly effective way of helping reduce the amount of stress that you experience in both your mind and body.

Meditation is a tool used in mindfulness that relaxes the mind as you let your thoughts come and go without attaching to them. The key is to find a quiet place where you can sit, close your eyes, and then relax as you pay attention to your breath entering and exiting your body.

This might not sound like it would have much impact on reducing migraine pain, and yet it actually incredibly effective at not only reducing head pain but also for providing an overall feeling of mental and physical well-being.

3. Get a Massage

When your body holds onto stress, this discomfort often results in extreme head pain. Booking a massage at least once a month is a perfect way to release stress from your muscles and other deep tissue. Plus it feels amazing!

If you’ve never treated yourself to a professional massage, you’re in for a real treat.  It might seem like an indulgence, but this is an ideal way to feel your best.

These chiropractic services can also help reduce the occurrence of migraine pain.

4. Reduce Screentime

Get in the habit of reducing screentime during the day. This can be a tough habit to get into, but your eyes really need the rest. So put down your mobile devices, turn off the TV, and take a break from the computer as often as possible.

After all, screentime puts tremendous strain on your eyes, which is one of the leading causes of head pain. 

Remember to go outside, breathe fresh air, and get plenty of sunshine. This will help you feel better and give your eyes and change to rest and relax.

5. Peppermint Oil

Believe it or not, peppermint oil is one of the most effective ways to relieve tension headaches. The key is to apply diluted peppermint oil directly to your temples. Or you can add a few drops to your bathwater the next time you soak in the tub.

Keep in mind that when applying directly to the skin, it needs to be diluted in order to avoid the chances of developing a skin rash or other form of skin irritation.

6. Eliminate Caffeine

If you are like most people, you’re probably addicted to caffeine. After all, it can be hard to wake up in the morning with a cup of coffee.

While many people rely on caffeine to feel productive, caffeine headaches can be rather unpleasant. This is especially true during caffeine withdrawals when your morning coffee doesn’t arrive on time.

You’re better off detoxing from caffeine. If you don’t feel that you can totally eliminate caffeine from your life, at least try to keep your intake of coffee down to 1-2 cups per day.

7. Get Plenty of Sleep

Rest is also important. People who don’t get enough sleep each night are more likely to experience headaches during the day. Try to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep every night. You’ll not only feel rested and energized, but you’ll also drastically reduce the odds of getting a migraine.

8. Get Plenty of Exercise

Exercise also helps. After all, everyone needs to work up a sweat and get their heart pumping to maintain good health. So get in the habit of hitting the gym at least two or three times each week.

9. Stay Hydrated

You should also drink plenty of water. The body needs adequate hydrate to maintain optimal health. If fact, drinking enough water each day is the best way to reduce migraine pain and increase the energy you need for a happy and healthy life.

10. Ginger

Ginger is a great antioxidant and is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it ideal for use in preventing migraines, reduce nausea, and prevent other forms of pain. Ginger can be either chewed or used to make tea. 

The Best Migraine Treatments that Don’t Involve Drugs

There are few things more unpleasant than the experience of having a terrible migraine. Fortunately, this list of the best migraine treatments that don’t involve drugs can help to feel your best so that you can enjoy your day to the fullest.

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