16 Pink Makeup Looks to Try For Every Skin Tone

Pink is still hot. We all remember the bright pink craze era of the 2000s, but it doesn’t mean that using pink in your daily makeup is a no-no in the 2020s. Pink makeup looks suit everyone regardless of their skin tone ‒ it’s possibly the best feature of this color.

These sixteen inspos on pink makeup looks will definitely do their job and inspire you with new makeup ideas. Or, if you’re not a big fan of the pink color ‒ who knows, maybe some of these will make you make some exceptions.

Bright colors

Make a statement with your eyes by sporting a bubblegum-pink eye look. Use a chocolate-brown eyeliner to the lower lash line for contrast and use an eyeshadow stick to cover your whole lid and smooth it out towards the crease. Apply some highlighter to the inner corners to make them stand out even more, then add your favorite extending mascara to complete the look.

Lovely pink

It’s usually a good idea to blend your blush around your eyes. Apply a peachy-hued blush on your eyelids and on the apples of your cheeks to get this effect. Finish with a vinyl lip gloss and fuchsia lipstick for an additional, contrasting punch of pink.

Total pink matte

Use the same shade of pink on your cheek and lip for a monochromatic pink moment. Apply pink eyeshadow on the lid and crease for this effect. Use a cream blush on the apples of the cheeks, brushed into the cheekbones, under the brow bone, and on the bridge of the nose. Then, use a metallic shadow to emphasize the tops of the cheekbones and the inner corners of the eyes. Apply cream blush and gloss to the lips to complete the look.

As an alternative, you can opt for permanent makeup on your lips to create a perfect basic shade.

Lip statement

Have your lips be the focus of attention. Pick your favorite pink lipstick, and build the rest of your look from there. If you want your lips to be the focus, keep the rest of your makeup simple. Aside from your pink pout, people will notice your freckles, stunning skin, and glossy appearance with just a little of pink blush on your cheeks.

Artistic eyes

Get sparkly and bejeweled beauty styles as inspiration, then recreate them in your own unique way. You require some metallic makeup colors that are vivid and daring. Then, you can either purchase self-adhesive pearls or decorations and attach them using self-lash glue and tweezers.

Liquid liners beauty

Combine multiple tones of pink for one look to build a perfect pink makeup. Use the bright-pink liner for the lids to create the ideal, surprising color contrast with the peachy shadow, glowing complexion, and coral lips.

Passionate blush

Make a strong, unrestrained blush your signature look. Placement is important, too. Choose a pigmented powder formula, concentrate on the apples of your cheeks, then mix it around the eyes with a thinner brush for a pronounced sparkle. A quality brush is essential for flawless application.

A spherical brush packs it in, but a stippling brush applies and pushes the substance into the skin simultaneously with bristles of two different lengths. These types of brushes have a tendency to provide the “airbrushed” look that is now highly popular. The icing on the cake is a matte crimson lip.

A glossy look

Everyone loves luscious lips and matching lids in icy disco pink style. Use a palette with several shades of sparkly and matte pigments to experiment with pink eyelids and glossy pink lips.

Between the Lines

If you don’t like bright pink eyeshadow or monochromatic makeup, consider a softer application of pink liquid eyeliner. A cat-eye with a white chalky outline will spice it up, while a beautiful subtle lip gloss will keep the remainder of the look neutral. Apply a liquid or cream treatment to reduce your pores and keep the rest of your face appearing even. Texture and pores go hand in hand, don’t forget that.

Red lip style

The color combination of pink and red is often underappreciated in both fashion and beauty industries. Although you might expect these colors to conflict, they really look fantastic when combined. An excellent example is this pink eyeshadow look with a black winged eyeliner and a bright red lip.

Rosy vinyl

Pink vinyl eyelids can be a fantastic method to experiment with vivid hues if you’re wary of the pink color. To get the look, apply some gloss and glitter to your lower lid and line the crease using a magenta eyeshadow, blending it upward. The final step? Lips that are baby pink and have a moist appearance — find your favorite vinyl lip gloss and put it to use.

Monochromatic pink

To match your lids to the area under your lashes, use a pink monochromatic palette. You may get the ideal and delicate effect by subtly reflecting them with a pale, almost-naked, but still pink lip.

Bright as neon

Put subtle pink lipstick, charcoal-black eyeliner on the lower lash line, and neon eyelids together. It replaces a subtle appearance with one that is a little bolder and brazen.

A delicate sparkle

Although not every pink look is overtly feminine, you can make this an opportunity to channel your inner lean to femininity. Go toward baby pink and mix a sparkling liquid eyeshadow, combined with a matching bubblegum-pink lip gloss for the epitome of a refreshing retro look.

Shiny eyelids

If you define yourself as someone who prefers quick makeup routine, a lid gloss is definitely your best friend. Lightly combine several hues of shiny lid gloss on your lid and crease. Use a lip smudge or complementing pink lip gloss after that.

Velvety hues

You can make any pink look as vivid or subtle as you wish, which is one of its best features. Consider this carefree and almost neutral ensemble. Apply a luscious pink gloss over a wet primer to create a glowing foundation. A little blush will assist to create a delicate, neutral look that isn’t very dramatic.