20 Things You Need To Let Up To Find Your Love And Happiness

It doesn’t matter what kind of man you`re what’s your dream and what you want to reach in your life. Everyone has two main goals: to be happy and to find true love. But we always deal with something that distances us from the achievement of our goals and dreams. We put a lot of limitations on ourselves. Thus, we ourselves, or rather our restraints and prohibitions do not allow us to be happy.


If you want to be happy and to find your love, you have to let go the things that don`t let you find your love and happiness. If you want to move forward in your life you have to let up the troublemakers. In this case, you may also use never give up quotes which certainly help you to remind about your life goals and inspire you.

Here are the top 20 things you need to let up for the sake of your own happiness and love.

  1. The idea of perfect life

Maybe it will sound rough, but there isn’t any perfect life! You have to learn to accept your life as it is. You have a great chance to create your own world, please use this chance!

  1. Approval of other people

Think why your actions have to depend on other people’s opinions. Think how much you`ll get when you stop guessing if people like your decisions or if they agree with you. You can, of course, taking advice, but don’t let others decide how to live your life.

  1. Excuses

Life doesn’t leave the time for excuses. If you have the dream and aim in your life – stop whimpering start doing.

  1. The need for total control over your life

Relax, don’t try to control your life. You can’t control everything but if you try you`ll be nervous and irritated all the time.  

  1. All thoughts about your ex-partner

You broke up your relationship. It’s already happened. You had the reason or reasons for that. Try to analyze that relationship and don’t repeat it. But don`t concentrate your attention on the feelings to your ex-partner.

  1. The habit of delaying action late

Stop delaying! It`s time to act. To make your life happy and to find the true love for the rest of life!

  1. Self-pity and self-doubt

You haven`t any reason to be insecure. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Happy people don`t fear to show who they are and to demonstrate their dignity. Happy people exude confidence. Be among them!

  1. Jealousy

Stop looking at others! If you`re good today it means you live right, but if you`re not you should change your life to feel good. Happiness is not having what you want it`s wanting what you’ve already had. Look around you!

  1.  Complaining about your life

Live today, live now and at this moment. Live, love and be happy. Think about the power of positive thinking and give up the need to complain constantly about your life.

  1.  Depending on other people for happiness and love

Nobody can make you happy if you’re unhappy. Everything depends only on you.

  1. Negative attitude to everything and everybody

Throw away negative thoughts out of your head. Always think that “EVERYTHING WILL BE ALL RIGHT”. Just believe that and all will be fine.

  1. Stubbornness

It`s hard to say that you were not right. Maybe other people had more knowledge or abilities and they did the right thing. Just embrace the fact. Stop being stubborn. Less stubborn you are more open you are for something new.

  1. Anger and resentment

Anger ruins us inside and destroys our soul. Learn to tolerate those who annoy you. It doesn’t mean that you should allow others to offend you to avoid scandals. It means that you should learn to cope with your anger and resentment with pain that remains in your soul. But remember that who annoys you tries to control you. Such feelings as anger and resentment harm you first of all.

  1. The past and necessary memories

Living in the past means to bury the present. You should remember only life lessons and continue to live.

  1. The job you don`t like

You spent most of your time at work. Try to do what you like. If you enjoy your job you’ll be a happy person.

  1. Passivity

Well, that`s up to you. If you want to find true love and happiness you have to act. Passivity can`t help you to achieve your life goals.

  1. Your fears of being happy and loved

Why do you fear to show that you’re happy or you fall in love? Maybe you’re afraid as other people can’t boast that they are happy and they are loved. Maybe you feel guilty at such moments. Give up these thoughts out of your head! You’re worthy of being happy and be loved. Don’t fear to show your success.

  1. Desire to impress others

Don’t try to impress or amaze others. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. It doesn’t make you happy and such behavior can`t help you find real love.

  1. Expectations

If you expect nothing from others you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Limiting your opportunities

Give up the thought about what you can do and what you cannot what is possible and what is impossible for you. Try if you want and don’t think about the result.