3 Main Benefits Of CBD Oil

If you’ve stepped outside of your house recently, you’ve probably seen a few advertisements for CBD oil. You can get CBD almost anywhere: coffee shops, pharmacies, individual sellers, pretty much anywhere you look, you’ll see CBD oil being sold. 

But what exactly is it that CBD oil does for people that makes every business on the block want to sell it? Let’s dive into the benefits of CBD oil and why people use it.

What Does CBD Oil Do?

 Person holding a marijuana leaf with a CBD chemical graphic on top

Where does CBD come from?

CBD is one of the natural components in the marijuauna plant. Marijuana has two main components, CBD and THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is the chemical in marijuana that gives people the high many people associate with using the drug.

CBD on the other hand, while still apart of the marijuana plant, won’t give you the high that THC does. Instead, it provides a number of different benefits that have helped many people.

Minimizing Seizures

4 CBD Oil Bottles Lined Up

The reason CBD initially came into the limelight was because of a mother seeking treatment for her daughter’s debilitating seizures. The mother had heard about the benefits of CBD oil for helping with seizures and wanted to give it to her daughter without her having to consume the THC part of marijuana.

She reached out to marijuana growers who were able to breed a marijuana plant that had very low amounts of THC (if any at all) and high amounts of CBD. In 2012, the mother gave her daughter the CBD oil and claimed that it was a success in helping her daughter have less seizures.

Not only has CBD been used to help humans with seizures, but animals too. Many people who have senior pets that suffer from seizures will give their pets CBD oil in their food or rub it into the pads of their paws and have also said it helps reduce the amount of seizures they have.

Reduce Stress

Another great use for CBD oil is to help reduce stress. Many people who use CBD claim that it makes them feel more relaxed and less anxious. There are even some coffee shops that will offer to put a few drops of CBD into your drink for an extra charge. CBD doesn’t have a flavor so it won’t make your drink taste any different.

Some people will take a few drops of CBD oil before bed to help them relax and sleep better. If you suffer from anxiety, it could keep you up at night, preventing you from having a good night’s rest. But using CBD oil could help you get that sleep you greatly deserve and need.

Relieve Aches and Pains

CBD oil has also been shown to help people be pain free for multiple different ailments. CBD reduces inflammation which can help with swollen joints that are causing pain. 

People who have struggled with chronic back pains, body aches and headaches have said that once they started taking CBD oil, their pain was significantly reduced and even manageable.

People who suffer from MS (multiple sclerosis) have said that taking CBD oil has even helped them control their symptoms better.

A bonus benefit of using CBD oil is reduced acne. Acne is inflammation of the skin, and because CBD reduces inflammation, it can help clear up your skin.

These Are Just The Few

These benefits don’t even begin to scratch the surface of what CBD oil can do for you. CBD oil is a newer product on the market so there’s plenty more benefits that could come from it that we haven’t even discovered yet. Why not try it yourself?