3 Natural, Healthy Elements to Use As Beauty Products

For most women, it’s important to be very careful about what kinds of products get used on the face, especially if you have sensitive skin or are prone to breakouts or rashes. For this reason, it can be scary to try a new beauty product or makeup when you’re unsure about how it may affect your skin or your overall health. To combat this, many women are now using natural, healthy items that may not be most commonly used in the beauty industry but can work wonders for you skin and makeup application. If you’re one of these women who want something natural without spending a lot of money on an “all-natural product”, consider using some of these natural alternatives for your beauty and makeup needs.

Makeup Products

Have you ever wondered what women used for “makeup” before there was a beauty industry creating massive amounts of beauty products each and every day? Well, according to Heather McClees of OneGreenPlanet.org, there are a plethora of berries, herbs and natural powders that can be used just as effectively as store-bought makeup. Some of these alternatives include using blackberries, cherries and raspberries as lip products or eye shadow; spirulina as a natural eyeliner; and cacao as a skin bronzer. The pigments in all these options can give your skin the same effect as wearing traditional makeup without the potential health hazards of harmful chemicals that can be found in some makeup products.

Facial Skin Care

Cleansing your face to have beautiful, radiant skin isn’t a job exclusively reserved for expensive beauty products you can find at the department store. In fact, you can just as effectively maintain the perfection of your complexion using items you probably already have in your kitchen.

The Wellness Mama suggests that for those looking to clean their skin without using scary chemicals, you may want to try items like raw honey, sugar, natural oil and baking soda. If you take advantage of the health and skin benefits found naturally in these common kitchen products, you may not even feel the need to use makeup on your skin anymore.

All Natural Makeup Primer

To truly get the most beautiful looking skin with the help of makeup products, many professionals suggest using a primer to set your skin. However, primers can be expensive as well as have unknown ingredients that you may not feel comfortable putting on your facial skin. As an alternative, Kristin Collins Jackson, a contributor to Bustle.com, recommends for women to use a mixture of aloe vera, coconut oil and mineral powder to create your own all-natural primer to help bring your makeup to a healthier level and get more flawless coverage.

While many people feel that their most natural self is their most beautiful and healthy self, there’s really no harm in using safe, natural products that enhance what you’ve already got going for you. Consider using the items mentioned above as natural beauty enrichers to give yourself a brighter, healthier glow.