3 Wrinkle-Free Benefits of Botox

On the count of three, think out loud what the number one benefit of botox is. Ready? One, two, three!

If you said wrinkles, we’re sorry, but you’re wrong. While Botox can address fine lines and make your skin look more useful, it has at least three non-aesthetic uses that treat conditions people live with every day.

Surprised to hear that? That’s okay – we’re telling you about the benefits of Botox and what it can do for your general health, and not just your forehead, below.

The Benefits of Botox: Give It a Chance!

Most likely, you’re reading this because you’re considering Botox for aesthetic reasons. Or maybe your doctor suggested a Botox treatment for one of the following conditions, and you’re doing your research.

Either way, here’s what you need to know:

Botox Treats Migraines

One of the most powerful things Botox can do is reduce the amount and severity of migraines. Migraines are day-ruining headaches that many people in the US suffer from.

They involve pounding pain, sensitivity to light, and are resistant to regular painkillers.

Some people get migraines that last up to three days before they feel 100% better.

If you get migraines often or they’re getting worse, talk to your general practitioner about a Botox treatment. They may be able to give it to you in the office.

If not, they may suggest you visit a site like charlotteplasticsurgery.com, to find out more about if Botox is right for you.

It Treats Eye Twitches

Everyone gets an annoying eye twitch every once in a while. But if you have one that’s persistent and is distracting you from work, it’s time to see a doctor. This eye twitch could be anything from a completely random occurrence, to a nerve issue.

Either way, one of the things your doctor may prescribe to treat it is a shot of botox into the twitching muscle.

Remember to see a doctor or an ophthalmologist about the twitch first, before seeking out a Botox treatment. Better to be safe than sorry!

Bells Palsy Treatment

Bells Palsy is an inherited disorder that causes your muscles to sometimes tense up and become inflamed or compressed. This inflammation can cause weakness in muscles, causing their appearance to “droop”.

Many people with Bells Palsy find they can reduce their facial paralysis party by getting regular botox shots.

This allows them to appear “normal” during a flare-up and reduces their symptoms effect on their life.

Benefits of Botox

Those are just three of the many benefits of Botox. It can also reduce excessive sweating, help treat some mood disorders (though research is still forthcoming), and, of course, fill in fine lines.

And the great thing about Botox is that if you have one of the above issues and want to appear younger – a Botox treatment can do both!

We hope you’ve found this article helpful and that you’ve learned something along the way. To learn more about health and emerging health news, bookmark our site!