4 Reasons Why Wearing a Reflective Vest Could Save Your Life

4 Reasons Why Wearing a Reflective Vest Could Save Your Life

Every day, hundreds of people run or bike through life-threatening situations that could have been avoided if only they were wearing a reflective vest. The more light a reflective vest reflects, the more visible it is to motorists and to those on the ground – creating an ideal safety system. If a driver cannot see you, they may not be able to stop in time to avoid injuring you. Reflective gear is not just for nighttime riding; many states have made it mandatory for cyclists to wear reflective gear during the day.

1- Increases Your Visibility to Drivers

A reflective vest, in combination with a blinker, increases the chance of being seen. A study revealed that motorists were able to see a cyclist that was wearing a reflective vest from 1,200 feet away. That same cyclist was only visible from 899 feet away without a reflective vest. Additionally, the study showed that drivers were more likely to see the cyclist wearing a reflective vest from 115 feet away than the one wearing black clothing from 50 feet away.

2- Better Safety for Cyclists

Reflective gear not only increases your visibility to drivers, but it also generates a non-collision zone. When motorists slow down to avoid colliding with you, they are more likely to notice other cyclists who may be in the area. By encouraging motorists to slow down and look for cyclists, you create a safer cycling environment for all cyclists.

3- Creates a Non-Collision Zone

When you wear a reflective vest, motorists must slow down to avoid colliding with you. This reduces their risk of injuries and damage to their car, something that is especially significant according to recent statistics. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, collision claims involving bicyclists are down year after year. In the most recent year, this number was down by 31 percent.

4- Instills a Safety Mindset

Clothes put people in different mindsets. For example, formal clothing gives off an official appeal. Reflective clothing also has an effect on people. Reflective clothing puts people in a safety mindset. This is important for everyone’s safety since everyone becomes alert and on the lookout for potential hazards on the road.

Also, when you ride your bike during daylight hours, motorists can see you from much further away when you are wearing a reflective vest. You do not have to wear this gear only when it is dark out. If motorists can see you from a distance, their reactions will be quicker and less threatening.

Many people lose their life or suffer severe injuries as a result of lack of visibility. Luckily there is a way to reduce the likelihood of these accidents occurring. Wearing a reflective vest not only keeps you safe it also helps keep other motorists safe. When motorists can see you they won’t have to swerve and end up in an accident. It’s evident that reflective vests play an important role in keeping you and other motorists safe. Be sure to always have a reflective vest when cycling, biking, or walking at night.