4 Reasons Why Your Mother May Need Home Care

As your mother gets older you may spot some tell-tale signs that living alone is no longer comfortable or safe for her. Everybody is different, but there are some key reasons why home care for the elderly is the best option in many circumstances. If you are questioning whether live-in care is the right option for your mother, consider the following reasons why it could be a benefit.

  1. She Wants to Maintain Independence

Getting older does not necessarily mean that a person wants to be looked after – in fact, many people are actively opposed to “being cared for” and would much prefer to keep up their own life on their own terms. But sometimes health and mobility issues mean it is not possible for complete independence. Home care enables your mother to stay in familiar surroundings, keep to her routines, see friends, and maintain their normal life, while getting help with the things they struggle with like dressing, cooking, or moving around the house.

  1. You Are Unable to Manage Her Care

You should not feel guilty or bad if you cannot give your mother the care she needs. You have your own life and the need to work and look after your family. No matter how much you love your mother, sometimes it is just not possible to be her fulltime carer. You also may not be comfortable caring for your mother by helping her with hygiene, toileting, and other intimate tasks. A live-in carer provides the care your mother needs while you maintain your positive relationship with your mother.

  1. She Needs Assistance with Medication

Whether your mother has just had surgery or she suffers from a chronic condition, as she gets older it is harder to remember when to take medication and how much to take. Without medication her condition will worsen. Live-in care assists in helping her stay well by maintaining an effective medication regime.

  1. She Can’t Leave Her Pet

If your mother has been experiencing problems with her health or mobility and needs care, but she is worried about having to let go of her dog or cat when she moves into residential care, home care is the answer. According to http://www.berkeleyhomehealth.com/ , it is very important to respect the love and bond that a person shares with an animal, and it can help her to stay strong emotionally and physically. A live-in carer can assist with looking after a pet so there does not need to be a distressing parting between pet and owner.

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