4 Steps To a Clean and Healthy Smile

A big part of your health and wellness is going to be your oral hygiene. One of the first things that you notice about someone new that you meet is what their smile looks like. Plus, one of the worst first impressions that you can make with someone when you speak to them is if you have bad breath. Because of these two factors, it’s vital that you always attempt to have a clean and healthy smile.

There are several things that you can do to make this happen. First of all, you need to go to the dentist regularly. Even if you don’t notice anything out of place with your oral hygiene, that doesn’t mean that a professional won’t. Next, if you ever have to get fillings, make sure they are high-quality ones. If you’re trying to fix your smile, you might need to get braces or retainers. And, different mouths have different types of ideal toothbrushes, so make sure that you get one that matches your oral hygiene needs.

Regular Checkups

Do you know how often you should go to a dentist? Most people guess maybe every year or two. But, if you can go every six months, that’s ideal. By going back at this regular oven interval, dentists and oral hygienists can make sure that they stop any problems in your mouth before they solidify. Particularly when it comes to things like gingivitis or teeth that need to get pulled out, catching those issues sooner than later is a plus.

High-Quality Fillings

Dentistry technology has changed in the last generation or so, especially when it comes to cavities. If you want to keep the best smile that you can, make sure that you choose to get the best fillings available. The choices that you have now may be very different than the options you had even a few years ago, so be sure to get as much information as possible from your dentist before deciding what your fillings will be made of.

Braces and Retainers

For crooked teeth, you’re probably going to have to get braces or maybe have a set of retainers that you can use to shift things to where you want. With technology these days, this process can be very budget-conscious, so you don’t have to break the bank to have a beautiful smile. Just be sure that once your dental procedure is complete, you get a retainer that will prevent your teeth from shifting back to where they used to be. Then all of that money and time won’t be wasted!

The Right Toothbrush

Buying the right toothbrush is very important if you want to keep your smile as lovely as possible. There is some debate about manual toothbrushes versus electric or sonic ones, so talk to your dentist about which one is the best for your mouth. Also pay attention to brush head size, as that makes a difference depending on how big your mouth is.