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4 Symptoms That May Indicate You Have Cancer

Cancer is all too common of a disease which strikes thousands of people a day.  Some people were able to catch the symptoms early on, while others found out all too late in the stages of their cancer and have hardly any time left.

It is ideal to identify the onset of cancer as soon as you can.  This way, you can catch it in the early stages and hopefully be able to eradicate it using chemotherapy or other methods.  It is important not to assume that cancer can only happen to other people.  It is entirely possible to happen to anyone, regardless of whether they smoke or not.  Sometimes the healthiest people in the world fall victim to this killer disease.  

Make sure that you stay on top of the symptoms and check yourself for the following indications.

Sudden Loss Of Weight

One of the biggest signs of something off with your system is a sudden change in weight.  If you find yourself suddenly losing a lot of weight rapidly but haven’t made any changes to your diet or exercise regimen, you should go to the doctor to confirm a diagnosis.  

One of the biggest mistakes that many people make is putting off going to the doctor which results in the disease worsening day by day and eventually taking over completely.  Try to always go to the doctor at the first sign of something wrong, even though it may be a disruption to your schedule. In the big picture, changing your schedule around is much less inconvenient than putting off a diagnosis.

Changes In Energy

Fatigue is something that can be a big indication of your body going through something which is running it down.  If you start to feel yourself running on empty quite early in the day or can’t seem to keep your eyes open in the early evening, you may want to consider that this could be a sign of something more.

Before assuming it’s cancer, try to start supplementing your diet with vitamins such as B12. However, if the fatigue continues to persist, you should go to a doctor.

Finding a Lump

Sometimes people panic when they find a lump which isn’t cancer at all.  Often people have cysts which aren’t cancerous or swollen lymph nodes which are relatively harmless and usually clear up on their own.

However, it is far better to be safe than sorry when it comes to identifying lumps that you find on your body.  Try to make sure that you know the signs to look for when it comes to identifying a cancerous lump or something else.

Abnormal Skin Discoloration

If you notice a mole that changes color or becomes significantly larger, you will want to go to the doctor immediately.  This can be an indication of cancer and should be handled as soon as possible.