5 Easy Ways to Beat Anxiety Now

Anxiety is a compulsive disorder in which individuals show excessive fear to a stressful situation or environment. It is also being apprehensive to an upcoming occasion or event. Most people who suffer from this disorder have no idea how to deal with their condition. They might get up being excessively depressed to an extent of not being able to carry out their day to day activities. Various emotional and physical symptoms include, having an increased heart rate, having sleeping problems, low concentration and just being moody among others. There various ways to treat or control anxiety, including using various prescription and alternative medication as well as simple lifestyle changes.

  • Using Cannabidiol Oil (CBD)

CBD oil is a naturally occurring chemical in hemp and marijuana plants. This chemical unlike other chemicals like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) it does not cause the highness that is usually associated with these plants. According to research CBD oil works with CB1 brain receptors. Though it is not exactly clear as to how this oil affects CB1 cells, scientists assert that it affects serotine, a chemical that plays a significant role in your mental health. You can even buy the flower yourself, and process it yourself! See these best CBD flower strains by Secret Nature. It is recommended though that you should use this oil with the permission and direction from your doctor.

  • Getting Enough Sleep

Our bodies require rest much as they require food and water. Depriving your body of enough sleep can bring you serious physical and psychological health problems. Such problems can bring about anxiety and depression especially if your mind is not well rested. To avoid getting into a vicious cycle where you get anxious due to lack of sleep, then lack sleep due to anxiety, purpose to at least rest for seven hours every day without any distractions. You will be surprised how these periods of rest will have on your overall well-being.

  • Do Not Clutter the Brain

Psychologist recommend that you tidy up your work space to enjoy your work. A cluttered physical space is synonymous to a mental clutter. A disorganized work space brings the impression of excessive work when all there is are small tasks that you can easily accomplish with a little organization. Such environment may bring about apprehension and anxiety. You can solve this by just sparing a few minutes before getting to work to organize your desk and enjoy your work throughout the day.

  • Laugh a Little

They say that laughter is the best medicine. Take a few minutes to engage in some fun activities even if you are at work. Watch some funny clips, joke with colleagues and always carry yourself with a positive attitude. According to research, a little bit of laughter significantly reduces anxiety and depression. Even if you are anxious about an oncoming presentation, just take it easy and approach it with some jokes to lighten the mood.

  • Eat Enough and Eat Right

When we are anxious, we tend to lose appetite or want to eat only specific foods. However, in order to have the body functioning properly, we need to eat a balanced diet, eat enough and at the right time. Eat some foods with vitamin B and omega-3s as well as whole grains. Vitamin B is good for your mental health while grains regulate serotonin levels, an important chemical in your brain that help us to remain calm.