5 Effective Lifestyle Habits of Healthy Adults

Genetic heredity is well known for its role in our body types and some illnesses, but DNA is not all that is to blame for our good, or bad, health.  Lifestyle plays a critical role in the longevity of life.  

Just like eating one piece of pizza will not cause heart disease, eating one salad will not make an individual healthy.  Health is a diverse collection of choices over the entirety of one’s life.  Here are a few useful lifestyle habits for health-seeking adults.

Keep it moving

A sedentary lifestyle is the quickest way to create new health issues.  Stay active.  Just as a vehicle needs to keep moving and keep its gears oils, our bodies need to move to maintain vitality.  

Moving increases blood flow to extremities and helps maintain heart health.  Working out also activates the production of “happy” chemicals in the brain.  Walking for as little as 30 minutes per day can add years to one’s life.

Water is life

The average human’s body weight is made up of approximately 60 percent water.  Our bodies use water in every single cell, and they use it to regulate temperature and digestion among other things.  Keep a glass of water on the nightstand.  Hydrating first thing in the morning gives the body a boost in function.  Water is the key to sustaining all carbon life forms.  

Drink green tea

Grabbing the convenient variety of Green Tea from the local cooler is not the intended message of this statement.  Drink all natural, plain, green tea.  Avoid the sugary imitation drinks and excess milk and honey for flavor.  

Taste buds can learn to crave more natural flavors.  Green tea contains a nutrient that cannot be found many places in nature.  EGCG has been proven to assist in the breakdown of fat cells in the body and increase metabolism.  

Be a creature of habit

Those who have lived past 100 years old have one central tendency: They live by a strict routine.  People who keep the same type of diet and activities throughout their lives tend to live a bit longer than those who do not.  Routine helps to keep the body in a comfortable state of homeostasis.

Daily maintenance is vital to a healthy body.  Preventative health measures are great to work into one’s daily routine.  Flossing, brushing one’s teeth, and showering are a positive way to begin the day with a healthy disposition.   

Count colors, not calories

All calories are not created equal.  A serving of 100 calories of potato chips is not at all the same as consuming a 100-calorie portion of vegetables.  The health effects are much different.  It is important that this concept is thoroughly understood by those seeking a centennial life.