5 Great Stocking Stuffers for Makeup Lovers

‘Tis the season for shopping! As you hit the malls or online stores in search of the perfect gifts for everyone on your list, don’t forget to think about their stockings. While the big, flashy presents are probably hiding underneath the tree, stockings are perfect for tucking away special surprises that will delight all your loved ones.

It can be difficult to find the perfect trinket for the makeup lover in your life because it might seem like they already own every product under the sun. But before you give up and resort to a Sephora gift card, take a look at these fun ideas to brighten up Christmas morning for any beauty addict.

Makeup Travel Case

There’s nothing worse than an unorganized makeup bag while you’re trying to take a relaxing vacation. Your powder foundation flies open and gets everything messy, your lipstick melts, and your favorite eye shadow palette cracks. But with the proper travel case, you can avoid all these makeup mishaps in the first place.

For the woman who likes to look great as she flies around the world, a makeup travel case is an essential item for all her adventures. Specialized pockets, extra-sturdy zippers, and waterproof materials are all elements you should look for when picking out this gift. And don’t skimp on the aesthetics, as well—a foundation fanatic doesn’t want to store her expensive items in an ugly bag! Opt for a travel case with a timeless design that will look good in any situation. No matter if she’s putting on bronzer in the Caribbean or painting on lipstick for a party in Paris, this bag will be her trusty companion wherever she roams.

Unique Lip Balm

While chapped lips might not seem like that big of a deal, it can be a catastrophe for beauty lovers. A crusty, cracked pout can ruin an entire look and prevent lipstick from applying smoothly. The remedy of course? Lip balm. But don’t stuff her stocking with any old lip balm—look for unique flavors or interesting tubes that will make her smile. Artisan sites like Etsy feature plenty of interesting lip balms that will intrigue any collector of self-care products.

You can also pair a lip scrub along with the balm. This fun product works as an exfoliator to remove dead skin from your lips, ensuring your chapstick glides on smoothly for a picture-perfect pucker. This dynamic duo will have any makeup lover jumping for joy!

Gift Card for a Facial

Any makeup artist first has to start with a beautiful canvas. Get her skin selfie-ready by sneaking a gift card for a facial into her stocking. From a microdermabrasion to a gel peel, there are so many fantastic treats she can indulge in with a gift like this. If she’s self-conscious about stray hairs on her chin or upper lip, she could also get laser hair removal to zap away those pesky problems.

With this gift, you’re encouraging healthy skin care habits that will keep her looking young and radiant for years to come. When she feels good in the skin she’s in, everything else will just fall into place!

Dry Shampoo

We all know that one avid makeup user who takes an eon to get ready and leave the house. If this is the case for a loved one in your life, give her the gift of extra time. Instead of taking hours to do both a flawless contour and a full head of curly hair, dry shampoo will keep her primping time to a minimum. Didn’t shower before heading out to the bar? No problem! With a bottle of dry shampoo, she can focus on her first love—the makeup—and rock last night’s hairdo with a shine-eliminating spray.

Not to mention, this handy gift is the perfect shape for a stocking stuffer. The slender canister can easily fit between candy canes and chocolate bars, so she’ll never know what’s coming when she sorts through all her Christmas day surprises!

Ring Light

A ring light is the perfect gift for any beauty lover who likes to create makeup tutorials for Youtube. If you’ve ever wondered how those bloggers light their shots to get that even, soft glow as they perform sorcery with eye shadow, a ring light is the answer. Your makeup lover can set it up on her desk or in the bathroom to create the perfect conditions for trying out new techniques. While this present might be a little too big to stuff into her stocking, you can always just have it patiently waiting on the hearth!

Don’t dread finding gifts for makeup masters—it turns out they’re actually be some of the easiest people to shop for. And when it comes to stocking stuffers, use this helpful list to find the perfect trinket to make her holiday season extra merry. She certainly won’t need Santa when she has you!