10 Matching Gift Ideas For Couples

No matter what the occasion may be—whether it be the holidays or an anniversary—it’s always a good time to gross out your friends and family with disgustingly cheesy couple’s gifts. Of course, the only way to max out your cheesiness is to get stuff that matches.

Gift any of these adorable items to yourself or for a couple you know!

1. Ugly Christmas Sweaters

If you’re looking for a great couple’s holiday gift, look no further than a pair of ugly Christmas sweaters. Ugly Christmas sweaters are comfortable, warm, and festive. They’re fun for couples to wear while they hop around holiday parties.

The folks at Tee Pinch produce a fun variety of ugly Christmas sweaters. Some of them are cute and others are tacky. While it’s likely that many couples already have a pair of ugly Christmas sweaters, you can truly never have too many of them!

2. Hats

Do you know a couple that likes stylish headgear? Get them each a matching hat! Matching hats are fun to wear to parties or anniversary getaways. You can find hats for couples of all ages at CafePress.

3. Tattoos

If you know a couple that likes to get inked, why not give the gift of tattoos? Think about it—a tattoo is a gift that will truly last a lifetime. Find out what their preferred tattoo parlor is, and either buy them a gift card or write a check to cover the cost. There’s no guarantee that they’ll get matching ones, but perhaps if you can cover the cost of two sessions you can encourage them!

If it’s you and your loved one that want to get matching tattoos, here’s a large selection of couples tattoos that may give you some ideas!

4. Watches

Class-up any couple with a matching pair of wristwatches. Watches can make for a gorgeous fashion accessory that work with almost any style. Couples can flaunt their high-class, elegant union while they go about town. MVMT crafts a line of unique watches if you’re looking for a quality timepiece to get you through the day.

5. Scarves

Scarves are a great gift for couples who like to rock their winter fashion. Scarves are simple, classy, and come in plenty of different styles and sizes. Pick one for your target couple and get them each a pair so they can fashionably battle the cold together. You can find some nice unisex scarves crafted by The Tartan Blanket Co.

6. Necklaces

Necklaces dangle close to your chest and make for a wonderfully intimate couples gift; for that reason, you might only want to seek out this gift for your own loved one and yourself. Some necklaces are crafted in matching styles with different color schemes, while others “connect” to one another—two halves of a whole. Gullei.com has a beautiful selection of necklaces and lets you design custom engravings on some of them.

7. Coffee Mugs

Matching coffee mugs make morning coffee much more romantic. This would be a great gift for coffee and tea lovers, preferably those who live together. BoldLoft produces coffee mugs with cute designs; each mug has a small illustration, and when both mugs are placed side by side, they produce a larger, sweeter image.

8. Custom Wine Glasses

What’s more romantic that having a glass of wine with your significant other? Having matching wine glasses, of course! “Matching glasses”, doesn’t mean “two of a kind”. It refers to a pair of wine glasses that each have a related, romantic etching. Shutterfly offers wine glasses with personalized etchings for couples.

9. Bathrobes

Every great couple needs a great bathrobe. Bathrobes are the perfect loungewear post-shower. Although bathrobes probably won’t be worn around visitors, their presence at home pronounce a strong, unified partnership. They’re also very warm and comfortable, and that alone warrants matching bathrobes as a great gift for couples. Wrapped in a Cloud lets you customize bathrobes for couples.

10. Pillows

Some couples have reached the point in their relationship where they’ve chosen to inhabit distinct sides of the bed. If that’s the case, get them matching pillows! Each pillow denotes a loved one (and their side of the bed). Zazzle has a varied selection of couples pillows, ranging from sweet to stylish to silly.

Are you feeling nauseous yet? Good! That means that these matching gifts are perfect for any pair of lovers.