5 Natural Ways to Prevent Wrinkles

Wrinkles might look cute on puppies and toddlers’ chubby legs, but they can be a nightmare for a woman in her early 40s. Although we can’t stop the process of aging, we can always decrease skin damage and effect of wrinkles. Our skin is made up of two layers commonly called as epidermis, the outer layer, and dermis the layer below the epidermis. Wrinkles generally come in the inner layer called dermis which is made of proteins and collagen.

As we grow old, our bodies cannot produce as much as collagen as it used to when we were young. With less collagen, our skin does not remain elastic and smooth for long, and we end up getting a saggy and wrinkled skin. Apart from the natural factors, there are many other factors that result in skin aging such as Sun damage, Dehydration, Smoking, Poor Nutrition, Pollution, Toxins, Sleeping with the cheeks pushed against the pillow, and facial expressions.

Some of these factors are hard to avoid and therefore it becomes essential, especially for women to make consistent efforts such as using cosmetics or skincare products such as Plexaderm to hide their age. Although there are always good anti-aging products available on the market, we have mentioned some natural ways to prevent wrinkles. Take a look!

1. Eat Lots of Antioxidants

Free radicals and unstable molecules that cause skin damage such as toxins and pollution are the enemies of antioxidants. Therefore it is always advisable to eat lots of antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, & E, beta-carotene, and more to have a glowing and smooth skin. Some rich sources of antioxidants are blueberries, spinach, walnuts, kale, beans, kiwis, prunes, artichokes, and cranberries.

2. Use Non-Toxic Oils

Some nontoxic oils such as coconut oil or Argan oil are amazing to use when it comes to smooth and glowing skin. These nontoxic natural formulas reduce wrinkles, age spots, and cellulite, as they are rich in vitamin E that keeps the skin hydrated. These oils are anti-inflammatory and full of antioxidants that reduce the effects of aging and nourishes the skin.

3. Eat Saturated Fats

Good saturated fats are important to keep your skin healthy as they make your skin more radiant to damage from sun or pollution and more elastic. Some sources of saturated fat are avocados and coconut oil. These products are not only good for the skin but also plays an important role in keeping your body fit and healthy.

4. Use a Non-Toxic Sunscreen

The biggest source of wrinkles is free radicals and toxins that are present in most of the commercial sunscreen. Although sunscreen prevents the skin from ultraviolet rays of the sun and external heat and pollution, it is important to check if the product is itself free from harmful chemicals. Check your sunscreen in EWG database and see the level of toxins it contains. Select a natural skin protector that helps to restore the natural qualities of the skin.

5. Gelatin

As discussed above, wrinkles are the results of less collagen production in our body. Gelatin is a product of cooked collagen that comes from cows and pigs. Therefore, regular intake of these dietary supplements can be a magic fix. You can add it to your morning smoothie or juice, sprinkle it on your yogurt, or add it to your cereal. Always make sure that the gelatin you take is from a good quality, grass-fed animal.

The List Never ends!

Although I have mentioned all the main factors that can give you a happy and glowing skin, there are many other ways such as a proper amount of sleep, use of fermented cod liver oil, and naturally made moisturizing face masks that can help you keep your skin free from wrinkles. If still, your skin shows no improvement by using all these natural remedies, you can always go for Plexaderm  Skincare Product which is formulated to reduce the visible signs of aging. This skin-tightening formula is made of all the nontoxic compounds that are beneficial for a smooth and glowing face. So if you are tired of your dull and wrinkled skin, try Plexaderm and give your skin a new age.